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Secourriel S.A.

Date of creation:



29, boulevard Grande-Duchesse Charlotte
L-1331 Luxembourg



Phone number:

+352 20 60 09 00-10



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Capital Stock:


Funds Raised:





Jorg Reinking



Job Offers:


Field of activity:

Cybersecurity / secure messaging for the financial ecosystem (B2B, B2C)

Elevator Pitch:

Secourriel is the gold standard of secure messaging

  • Secourriel is transforming classic email and messaging into a secure, contract ready trusted solution.
  • Strong demand drivers force the financial sector to adopt secure messaging soon – 2018 is a key deadline
  • Platform is tried and tested – important for sensitive data
  • Only we have an unsurpassed B2B ability

We are leveraging of a proven cybersecurity platform, Secourriel will run and transform the platform locally in line with Luxembourg law and banking regulation

  • The users keep their existing e-mail addresses or other communication identifiers.
  • This service is deeply customised for the financial industry and fully compliant to EU and Luxembourg specific regulation (e.g. CSSF and CNPD).
  • Preconfigured, PSF ready turnkey solution.
  • Platform as a service or on-premises (Enterprise Edition)
  • All common platforms supported: Web based, Outlook, Lotus Notes, Mac OS, Thunderbird (incl. Linux), Android, iOS.
  • Central transaction register to provide proof of dispatch and receipt to senders.
  • Integration: Plug in/ APIs and SDK available – or SaaS solution in our Tier IV data centre.

Key benefits

  • Instant compliance of the messaging channel for key 2018 EU regulations as such as MiFID II, PSD2, GDPR and corporates internal high-risk media policies
  • Unsurpassed B2B ability
  • Re-use of existing mailing solutions at client
  • Evidence of read/opening message from a PSF company
  • Fits organisational model of large corporations (delegation)
  • Audit trail
  • Paper-less (interfaces to output management systems)
Business Model:
  • Basic functions are permanently free to clients who are registered by their financial institution
  • On company level
    • Licence fee
    • Pay per Use
    • Flat rate for enterprises with a high traffic volume
    • Optional: Integration project when choosing on-premises installation / Enterprise Edition

After establishing of a reference client base in Luxembourg expansion to the neighbouring countries

Value added services

Leverage your network. Meet entrepreneurs. Grow your business. Join the club and help build the future. We set up the first private business club for tech innovators, where individuals, startups and corporates can meet throughout the year at a series of dedicated events, including conferences, workshops and after-work events. We gather the best of the best entrepreneurs that Silicon Luxembourg’s network has to offer. Join the club and help build the future.

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