Sensius Wins The EBAN Pitch Contest

Dutch startup Sensius won the EBAN Winter Summit 2018 pitch competition organized for the first time ever in Luxembourg in the premises of BGL BNP Paribas. 45 startups from 18 countries competed in 4 categories – Tech for Good, Fintech & Insurtech, Big Data & Artificial Intelligence, and Scaleups – during the 2-day conference. Between workshops, conferences, face-to-face meetings with investors, entrepreneurs did not have time to be bored. Seeking for 60 million euros in total at the event, this has been a unique occasion for startups to meet the very best of angel investors from the whole Europe.
Winner of the “Scaleups” category and the Global startup pitch contest

The Netherlands – Sensius increases efficacy of conventional radio or chemotherapy up to 50% as adjuvant therapy. Thermotherapy has no negative side effectifs for patients.

Sensius uses microvave antennas, controlled by software to enable high precision heating of the tumor while fencing of nearby tumors from the heat. It can be used on many tumor types, event deep within the body. The patented technology is highly accurate and unmatched in the industry.

“Sensius empowers cancer therapy through thermotherapy”

Erasmus University Medical Center, Rotterdam, has developed this technology and built as a first step a prototype to treat Head and Neck cancer, which has been successfully applied for over 70 patients. Sensius is a spin-off from Erasmus MC and will turn the current prototype into a commercial product to make it available to clinics. Their solution will improve treatment outcome and quality of live for cancer patients worldwide.

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Winner of the Big Data & Artificial Intelligence pitch contest

Luxembourg – Tetrao is a technology startup company specialized in internet intelligent process automation. Its mission is to enable connections between people and businesses radically faster in an efficient and cost-effective way.

Tetrao’s specialized AI manipulates an Internet browser in the same manner a human does, using Machine Vision and Machine Learning algorithms. It is scalable and reliable thanks to its deep understanding of the intent of the automated processes.

“Fintech Artificial Intelligence that transforms your business”

Tetrao provides professional automation services to help many companies reach their business goals for many different use cases such as lead generation, lead qualification, market study, business intelligence, social media, data checking, data consolidation, information system integration, back office processes (fintech, legal, accounting…) automated customer services and so many more.

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Winner of the Fintech & Insurtech pitch contest

Luxembourg – 500 million farmers worldwide are on their own. While the large, vertically integrated farms of industrialized nations are largely protected by insurance, smallholder farmers in emerging economies are not, and remain very vulnerable to crop damage. Untapping this global market and providing farmers with protection and income stability is the mission of IBISA.

IBISA is a risk-sharing service, an alternative to micro-insurance targeting small farmers worldwide. IBISA is utilizing a peer-to-peer architecture supported by blockchain and Earth Observation technology to enable affordable crop protection products and reduce costs typically incurred by traditional insurer-centric paradigms.

“Crop Protection for Small-scale farmers”

Essentially, IBISA is enabling the provision of crop protection through mutuality, unlocking a multi-billion untapped market thanks to technology. IBISA is being piloted in Kenya, Bangladesh and India.

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Winner of Tech for Good pitch contest

Luxembourg – LuxAI is a winner of 2019 CES Innovation Award of Tech for Better World and 2018 Best Ideas from Europe, among many other international recognitions. According to Forbes, the QTrobot of LuxAI is one of the four technologies which can change our world for better.

LuxAI uses the latest advancements in AI and robotics in building solutions for healthcare. The social robot platform of LuxAI is a scientifically validated solution for huge economical and societal challenges of autism, affecting one in every 59 children.

“QTrobot is a scientifically validated and globally scalable solution for huge economical and social challenges of autism.”

QT makes autism training accessible, affordable and more effective, while improving the work condition and job satisfaction of caregivers and therapists. LuxAI is currently developing and expanding its market to other domains such as elderly care through various national and European projects.

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