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Sergio Luna



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Industrial engineer native from Mexico who has been living in Europe since 2015. He studied his Masters in Innovation & Entrepreneurship in Grenoble, France and working as Product Manager at Amazon since 2016 – while enjoying life in Luxembourg since then.

For him, studying his Masters and moving into Europe had been a long-planned goal. During his professional experience in the manufacturing industry in Mexico, working for HP and IBM, he was convinced that manufacturing would not offer what he was looking for in the long-run : get involved in the Internet services industry and be closer to people and society and impact them. While it was risky and uncertain for him at the moment, time has show it was the right choice.

Sergio is interested in technology topics, in particular those related to social behavior driven through the use of internet, data privacy, and new business models. Since 2016, he has been educating himself on « blockchain » as he believes it will be the next big thing after internet and social media. Earlier this year, Sergio became advisor for a blockchain startup located in the US.

In his free time, he likes to read books on technology or history, practice sports and traveling abroad. He plans to buy a piano once he moves to his new apartment and start remembering how to play old classical melodies.

Looking forward, Sergio wants to create his own startup – most likely around some application of blockchain, where he has some ideas in the education and social landscapes.

What I’m looking for:
    • Understand better the Lux Startup ecosystem, its key players, and what its startups are doing.
    • Meet with local entrepreneurs to share views on technology, innovation, etc.
  • Meet with people interested in blockchain and discuss ideas, new business models and potentially create partnerships.
What I can offer to the community:
    • Act as an ambassador of blockchain as a game-changing technology. Access to my small but increasing blockchain/cryptocurrency network.
    • Potential partner for new ideas / startups.
  • Advice on the manufacturing and electronics industry and access to my network.

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