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Pingvalue is poised to reinvent how friends, peers and brands connect, facilitating mutually beneficial interactions between individuals, organizations and brick-and-mortar businesses. Pingvalue‘s free application enables users to discover nearby events, sights or products vetted or recommended by locals and tailored to their unique profiles, tastes and locations.

What is the purpose of Pingvalue?

Pingvalue helps people to improve their experiences thanks to relevant information delivered at the right moment and in the right place. Through the Pingvalue global community, each user is connected to local people with similar tastes and interests, who share the most exciting places and activities in their neighborhood. The person – with own needs and wishes and in a specific context – is the starting point: by zooming out, relevant opportunities are filtered in from the enormous reservoir of information available nowadays.

At the same time, Pingvalue provides businesses and organizations with the tools to engage with people in all the phases of their experiences, based on smart data that allow them to perform in a more effective and sustainable way.

What services/products do you offer?

Pingvalue is a platform available both on browser and as mobile application. Users can register for free and use it to share their experiences with products, places, and activities, but also to get relevant recommendations in real-time based on their preferences. To businesses and organizations of any size, Pingvalue offers the possibility to gain visibility and traffic, and better connect with relevant audiences. Credible members of the community can be recognized through the Social Factor, and loyal customers can also be rewarded for doing spontaneous word-of-mouth promotion.

Businesses and organizations get insights on the needs and wants of customers, based on which they can adjust strategies to meet specific demands. Smart data provided via the Pingvalue private dashboard allow companies to identify upcoming trends and explore new markets, addressing specific types of customers with hyper-relevant offers in real-time.

This results in successful commercial transactions and in the capability to measure the concrete return on investment for marketing efforts.

In addition, through Pingvalue cities will connect directly with citizens, tourists and local businesses, allowing the latter to better attract and engage with people in real-time. Thanks to the community, the value of the single neighborhoods can be enhanced, transforming them into smarthoods.

What is your business model?

Businesses and organizations can choose from different licenses to work with, based on the level and depth of data analytics received. They can also create different types of campaigns to engage with specific audiences, distributing credits among people who will spend them back on their favorite products and services.

How much funds did you raise? Why? Is your first fundraising?

We raised €1.2 million from InvestInFuture, a Dutch private investor that strongly believes in the vision behind Pingvalue and in the impact it will have on our daily life. Yes, this is our first fundraising. (Read more about Pingvalue’s fundraising here).

What are your main goals? How will you use those funds?

Our main goal is the launch of the Pingvalue platform in Luxembourg next summer, along with other cases in different cities from the wider Benelux region and across Europe. Among others, Esch-sur-Alzette, the City of Luxembourg, Heerlen, Ghent, and Aachen are included. Funds will be invested in the growth of the team, the technical development of the product, and the marketing activities needed to create awareness and engagement around the project.

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