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Silent Breach Joined The Cybersecurity Tech Accord

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Silent Breach, the Luxembourg cybersecurity startup that specializes in network security and digital asset protection, has recently announced that they have joined the Cybersecurity Tech Accord (CTA).
(Image Credit: Marc Castejon, CEO and Founder of Silent Breach / Image Credit © Anna Katina / Silicon Luxembourg)

They partner up with leading technology firms such as Cisco, Facebook, LinkedIn, Microsoft, and others, to build a safe and secure internet.

With over 20 years of experience in the US retail market, Silent Breach’s team has recently developed a software product to help retailers proactively protect their businesses.

This measure, and other similar ones, highlight Silent Breach’s philosophy that cybersecurity is an attitude of perpetual caution and awareness, rather than a single solution, as recently explained to us by Marc Castejon, CEO of the startup. “We are honored to join the Cybersecurity Tech Accord. We share our partners’ unconditionalcommitment to a safer online world and look forward to working together to help protect users and customers everywhere.”

“The strength of the Cybersecurity Tech Accord comes from the breadth of the group and the diversity of its signatories.”

The CTA, an industry-led pledge backed by leading technology and security firms, was launched in 2018 with 34 signatories who’ve committed to working together to protect and empower tech users. Over the past year, CTA members have partnered with numerous industries, governments, and civil stakeholders to promote a more secure digital world.

“The strength of the Cybersecurity Tech Accord comes from the breadth of the group and the diversity of its signatories,” declared Tom Burt, corporate VP of customer security and trust at Microsoft, in the startup’ press release. “This last year has demonstrated that hardware and software developers, security companies and cloud providers, from all over the world realize the importance of acting responsibly in cyberspace, and that the principles that form the Cybersecurity Tech Accord truly capture the spirit and intent of the entire industry.”

A full list of the 90 Cybersecurity Tech Accord members, along with further information about the Tech Accord and its activities, can be found online.

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