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Silicon Capital: Connect Ideas With Capital

Are you tired of all the startup conferences and workshops where investors and entrepreneurs don’t really get a chance to talk? Does it feel like you are just attending the same types of event over and over again? Would you like to be part of a different type of event with a more personal touch where entrepreneurs and investors truly interact?

Silicon Capital brings together top entrepreneurs with top investors in a more personal – and virtual – setting. The event is held online and the goal of the afternoon (from 2 to 6 pm) is to have the entrepreneurs and investors discuss funding and investment opportunities in a one-on-one meeting. We want to help great ideas find capital!

Each investor is seated at their assigned virtual table and entrepreneurs rotate throughout the afternoon. Each entrepreneur has 20 minutes (and ONLY 20 minutes) to pitch his or her idea to the investor and have a brief discussion. At the end of twenty minutes, the entrepreneurs must then move on to the next investor. But don’t worry! The discussion forum and matchmaking platform remain open to allow you to continue conversations and schedule new appointments as needed.

The Silicon Capital is a truly innovative way to bring a small number of entrepreneurs and investors together for one-on-one meetings.

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Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

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