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Silicon Valley-Based Accelerator Founder Institute Graduates 10 Startup Companies In Luxembourg

The Founder Institute, the world’s largest pre-seed startup accelerator, announced that it graduated 10 startup companies in Luxembourg. Get to know the lucky ones!
(Featured Image: The graduates from the 1st cohort of Founder Institute Luxembourg / Image Credit © Founder Institute)

The companies that will graduate from the 1st cohort of Founder Institute (FI) Luxembourg span across multiple industries such as Artificial Intelligence, Aviation, Cyber Security, Education, FinTech, Human Resources, Legal, Real Estate, Social, Travel & Tourism and more.

Many of the world’s fastest-growing startups have used the Founder Institute to transition from employee to entrepreneur, test their startup ideas, build a team, get their first customers and raise funding.

Just a few months ago, local Founder Institute directors Anna Radulovski and Ivo Radulovski announced the launch of this extremely challenging startup accelerator programme, where graduating is a significant achievement.

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In fact, less than 30% of all applicants were accepted to the programme in Luxembourg and less than 30% of those made it through. Given the high dropout rate, it is only fair that we recognize those who persevered through the challenging weeks.

The latest graduate companies from the Luxembourg programme include:


ChefPassport is a web and mobile application to connect cooking lovers with local cooks and chefs around the world to deliver live streaming private cooking classes.

Find out more chefpassport.com

Concio helps travellers save time by gathering personalized travel activities and enabling them to book all of them with a single click/tap.

Find out more concioapp.com

Cryptic is a platform to help IT Security Officers manage their digital keys, that includes monitor and audit of the usage

Find out more NC

Hitblu is a universal air charter search platform facilitating private jet booking worldwide.

Find out more hitblu.com

Groundfeet is a crowd lending platform that empowers small social investors in selecting social and environmental impact projects by measuring the impact and providing due diligence to them

Find out more impact-investments.launchrock.com

Legal Finder provides a booking platform to help clients find lawyers in a couple of minutes with all the relevant information given, including other clients recommendations. It also helps lawyers attract new clients online.

Find out more NC

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RealtyImpact is a network and online marketplace that helps clients bring the highest design quality, sustainability and social value into their construction projects by quickly and conveniently connecting them to the most talented architects and engineers and qualified builders who best fit their project needs.

Find out more realtyimpact.co

Rejustify helps economists and financial analysts to get and merge data from multiple sources in a few clicks. It saves 75% of the analyst’s time and reduces errors.

Find out more NC

Tallocate is an online talent management & sharing platform for companies to source, engage and hire qualified specialists faster.

Find out more tallocate.com


Working Princess is a community to help working mothers to achieve their work-life-balance by using a platform. It also to makes a bridge between the companies looking for the best talent fit and the working women who are looking for alternative working cultures.

Find out more NC

Industry leaders, media and investors are invited to the “Demo Day” for the presentation of the graduate companies and networking on Thursday 13th June 2019. Request an invitation.

The press release published here reflects only the opinion of the author: Elvinger Hoss Prussen

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