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Skeeled Digitalizes The Recruitment Process

Skeeled is a new HR solution focusing on prospective employees in order to make the recruitment process easier for employers.
(Featured Image: Mike Reiffers et Nicolas Speeckaert, co-founders of Skeeled / Image Credit © Olivier Minaire)
Optimizing time spent on the recruitment side

“The algorithm that we developed can detect pertinent information in online CVs through our platform and perform a screening in accordance with the recruiter’s needs as well as save him/her precious time in the process at large,” explained Brice Kempf, marketing manager at Skeeled.

The algorithm was developed after about two years of R&D. The commercialization of the product started in 2016. Since then, the startup has not stopped growing and counts today 25 people on the team, with a business presence both in Luxembourg and Belgium. Skeeled ambition is to attain 40 people by the end of the calendar year.

“It is very important to specify that Skeeled is not a head hunter, on the contrary. We don’t go looking for CVs, but instead use CVs already published on line by candidates interested in one or more of our clients’ job offers. Our platform optimizes the way in which recruitment is carried out from start to finish by streamlining its role,” explained Brice Kempf.

“Our platform optimizes the way in which recruitment is carried out from start to finish by streamlining its role.”

Centralizing candidate-recruiter exchanges

The steps on the recruiter side are relatively simple. First, the recruiter defines the profile criteria s/he wishes to employ within his/her career space on the platform. The program then manages the entire recruitment phase by proposing the most pertinent CVs using a screening system and a personalized scoring method. Then the recruiter can at any point ask the candidate question during a video interview, a step used to confirm any impressions s/he gathers from candidate experience and better understand the candidate’s motivations. A personality test of the candidate that Skeeled performs in advance is also available for employers in order to verify if the candidate fits in with the desired profile.

The advantage that Skeeled provides rests chiefly in the fact proposed CVs are uniform, which presents an advantage not only for the candidate, but also for companies that, in consequence, can more easily assess the profiles. Employers can also help other recruiters via the online platform.

“Skeeled boasts more than 10,000 candidates and 50 clients in Luxembourg and Belgium, and our ambition is to extend into the German, Dutch, and French markets very soon,” concluded Brice Kempf.

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