Skeeled: HR Software With A Human Touch 

Mike Reiffers, CEO at Skeeled (Photo © Silicon Luxembourg)

Since its launch almost a decade ago, HR solution Skeeled has gone through almost as many changes as the labour market it serves. Co-founder and CEO Mike Reiffers fills us in on the latest updates of the end-to-end solution and his company. 

While many companies still believe that a CV and a job interview are enough to judge a candidate’s compatibility for a position, Skeeled sees this differently.

“We wanted to prove with our solution that just judging a CV was not enough and that integrating other components into the hiring process would lead to longer-term hiring success for companies,” explains Mike.

By creating a SaaS tool which integrates HR’s best practices and includes features from personality and cognitive ability tests to built-in video interview features, Skeeled has created an end-to-end solution which streamlines and quantifies the hiring process as much as possible without taking away the human element. 

While the company previously used an advanced AI algorithm to simplify the hiring process, it has since adopted a more simplified AI which aims to support the recruiter in the pre-screening part of the hiring process. 

“At the end of the day, hiring is and always should be done by a human and we want it to remain this way,” says Mike. 

Customisable and user-friendly

Skeeled, which bills itself as an end-to-end HR solution, not only offers features designed to give recruiters a better idea of the candidate’s skills, motivation and fit but also to make other elements of the recruiting process smoother. These include features such as interview scorecards, employee referrals, online application forms and much more.

“Today, we have so many features that can be adapted to different needs and different recruitment processes, all of which we set up as part of the onboarding package. At the end of the day, the customer can decide which features they need and we take care of the rest,” explains Mike.

Next to being fully GDPR, Skeeled has a local presence and a customer support team that guides its clients through any problems they may have and helps them align the software with the company’s hiring strategy. 

To answer to the wide range of other recruitment needs companies may have, Skeeled also provides Recruitment as a Service (RaaS), taking care of the entire recruitment process from start to finish.

Continuous innovation 

While last year was all about recovering from the fallout of the pandemic and expanding its reach in Luxembourg, Skeeled managed to have its best year yet and is about to hit breakeven. After these successes, the team is slowly getting ready to trial its solution abroad starting next year.

Almost a decade in the game, Skeeled has proven itself to be one of Luxembourg’s most resilient and adaptable SaaS solutions that is here to stay.

“With Skeeled, you invest in innovation because we keep up with HR trends and continue adding services to our solution to ensure you get the most out of your SaaS subscription,” says Mike.

This article was first published in the Silicon Luxembourg magazine. Get your copy.

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