Skeeled Scales Up

The online recruitment specialist is developing its dedicated platform, increasing its results and staff, and plans to continue its growth in 2020. Founded in 2014, based in Luxembourg (business entity) and Porto (R&D entity), Skeeled specialises in the automated management of recruitment processes.
by: Silicon Luxembourg
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featured: Brice Kempf, Skeeled’s head of marketing, predicts 100% growth in scale-up revenue.
Recruitment by AI

“Our artificial intelligence-based software helps companies find, attract, select and hire the best talent,” says Brice Kempf, its head of Marketing. Hosted in the cloud, the application is offered as Software as a Service.

In practice, when a job posting is made by a recruitment officer, the tool provides an online application form for candidates to fill up, collects responses, scans CVs, evaluates their content and compares it to the criteria, skills and experience required for the position.

In addition to this initial screening of CVs on behalf of the recruiter, the platform also includes a video interview module, with which the candidate can introduce themselves in a one- to three-minute clip and answer predefined questions the recruiter has set. The software also includes a personality test.

Following a partnership signed in 2018 with Adem, Skeeled also offers employers the opportunity to take care of the formalities of declaring their vacancies and offers on the employment administration portal.

“Skeeled already boasts over 200,000 applications, with more than 5,000 positions waiting to be filled and more than 2,000 candidates hired.”


At the beginning of June, the startup launched the third version of its software, which, according to Brice Kempf, is “no longer a recruitment platform, but a talent acquisition platform”.

The new update includes marketing solutions, such as a job posting service, on more than a hundred Internet platforms and job sites, thanks to a partnership with LinkedIn, Vonq (recently), and Indeed (coming soon), among others.

The latest version of the application also includes an employer branding feature, with a module that reinforces the visibility of the recruiter through a personalization of its homepage and Careers pages.

The third new feature is talent sourcing: via a widget on LinkedIn, a module identifies profiles registered on the professional social media, which could match the desired candidates.

The latest update, the Talent pool, will go live in a few weeks. It will be an updated database of potential candidates, who could match with potential jobs.

120% growth

Skeeled already boasts over 200,000 applications, with more than 5,000 positions waiting to be filled and more than 2,000 candidates hired. Its clients are active in the automotive, transport, insurance and construction sectors in the Benelux and soon in the United Kingdom.

In 2019, the company announced an increase in turnover of more than 120%. When asked by Silicon Luxembourg, Brice Kempf did not wish to communicate the exact amount of the turnover.

However, the marketing director explains that this increase is the result of organic growth, driven by the acquisition of new customers and the development of new services for existing customers.

For 2020, he remains confident. Although the startup has been impacted by the health crisis, it has nevertheless been able to take advantage of opportunities during this period. This was “thanks to the platform’s collaborative features, which enabled HR professionals to communicate with each other and interview candidates online via video-conferencing,” explains Brice Kempf.

For this year, the company is aiming for a 100% growth in turnover, compared to 2019, and plans to double its teams to 50 people by next December.

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