Smart Phil: The Free Web App For Intelligent Queues In Supermarkets

During this period of global confinement, Smart Phil, a simple web for queue optimization, has just seen the light of day. This is a free service developed by the digital agency Vanksen in order to fight the spread of COVID-19 in shops and supermarkets.
by: Silicon Luxembourg
illustration: Vanksen

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Although the confinement measures seem efficient at blocking the spread of COVID-19, they are not flawless. With an increasing number of people flocking to shops and supermarkets, risks of the virus spreading have also increased.

Fortunately, these risks can be contained if recommendations of social distancing are followed… but it’s not always easy! With Smart Phil, retailers can set up a virtual queue to allow customers to wait for their turn in the safety of their can for example, avoiding risks inducted by classic queues.

“The idea of Smart Phil came up in a classic queue of supermarket, facing stress of persons attempting to maintain their distances.”

What is Smart Phil?

Smart Phil was developed with retailers and customers’ safety in mind. The aim of Smart Phil is to provide a framework that helps apply safety guidelines in a convenient manner.

It is a virtual interface that acts as a queue assistant manager for retailers. Smart Phil is essentially a digitalized and improved version of waiting tickets.

“The idea of Smart Phil came up in a classic queue of supermarket, facing stress of persons attempting to maintain their distances. We wished to contribute in our own way to fight against the pandemic offering our services and expertise in marketing and digital communication to everyone,” explains Jérémy Coxet, Partner at Vanksen.

How does it work?

The app is available on the web (mobile and desktop) at It is accessible directly via your smartphone or browser. The customer journey works with the following intuitive phases:

1. I go to the store and take note of the URL / QR code placed at the entrance and configured by the trader.
2. I note this URL in my browser or scan the QR code and I get my number in the virtual queue.
3. I wait (in my car, for example).
4. I am informed when it is my turn. I can now go take my trolley.
5. I enter and shop safely.

The content of this press release reflects only the opinion of the author, Vanksen
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