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SnapSwap International S.A.

Date of creation:



c/o lux future lab
59 boulevard Royal
L2449 Luxembourg



Phone number:

(+352) 20 30 13 32



Social networks:

LinkedIn | Twitter

Capital Stock:


Funds Raised:





Denis Kiselev
Natalia Pavlova



Job Offers:


Field of activity:

SnapSwap offers a fully automated Digital Onboarding solution enhanced with Payments tools.

Elevator Pitch:

SnapSwap offers a fully automated online and mobile onboarding solution for banks, payment companies, insurance companies, investment industry and other businesses. Being a licenced financial institution, SnapSwap enhances Onboarding Solution by payments as a value-added service.


Digital Onboarding is a unique fully automated solution for onboarding customers in compliance with anti-money laundering and “Know Your Customer” requirements remotely via a personal mobile device (a phone or a tablet) or on a personal computer. Integrated in a mobile app or an internet site, Digital Onboarding allows the verification of a customer’s identity, collection of KYC data, performance of due diligence and obtaining a legally binding electronic signature. Due to full automation banks and other businesses can now stay open for new customers 24/7 and allow a customer to complete initial onboarding in less than 6 minutes from their home or even on the go.

Business Model:

B2B2C white label solution


Our ambition is to established a leadership position in Europe and beyond in the field of digital onboarding and KYC solutions.

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