Social Intelligence Platform "Pingvalue" Beta Launch

Pingvalue announces the launch of a platform connecting people, products, and places.

Pingvalue launches its social intelligence platform, available in desktop version at, and also downloadable as mobile application from Google Play, Apple App Store, and Windows Store.

The platform connects people, products, stores, and brands both in the physical and digital world. It provides people with the opportunity to create own content which expresses personal tastes, to connect with similar users, and to find interesting products and places around them. At the same time, it gives stores and brands the chance to take advantage of digitalized word-of-mouth to have their products and services promoted by customers, by gaining visibility at a glocal level.

Pingvalue is built around everyday experiences of people with products and places. They can add pictures of the products they find interesting, which can be liked, shared, reviewed, added to wishlists, and combined also by others. In this way, users can get in touch with like-minded people, connect with stores and brands, and influence others by setting new trends. Each action performed helps them to increase their “Social Factor”: the measure of activity, knowledge, and skill in different topics. Users can grow through different “Social Ranking” levels, increasing their influential power and the possibility to attract stores’ and brands’ attention to the platform. The latter can, in turn, actively create and promote content, endorsing loyal customers as ambassadors and rewarding them for their promotional efforts, with a better shopping experience.

Pingvalue aims at letting people publish content which reflects their interests, tastes, and passions, while allowing them to measure the impact they have on others, get followed and recognized as customers.

Nicoletta Rizzi
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This Press Announcement has been brought to you by: “Pingvalue”

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