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Software Testing Is At the Core Of Business Success

Testing is crucial to software engineering. Startup q-leap is organizing the fifth edition of the Luxembourg Software Testing Event to highlight the latest trends and share the best practices. Here’s what they had to say about software testing, their services and LSTE.
by: Silicon Luxembourg
photo: Danial RiCaRoSUnsplash

What is q-leap?

q-leap is a company specialized in software testing and quality assurance in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Since our launch in 2012, our team of experts has been screening applications, software, mobile applications, and connected objects. Our team consists of qualified and certified professionals by the International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB).

This multi-expertise allows us to support and verify with our customers the quality of their application as well as the behaviour of their applications on all terminals (desktop, tablet, mobile) and whatever the environment (browser, Android, iOS).

The majority of studies indicate four main reasons why 80% of users delete an application after using it for the first time: poor design, poor user experience, delayed loading time, and an immediate crash after installation. Software testing is our core business. We are always striving to deliver high quality software and work hand in hand with our customers to ensure alignment between expectations and results

What are your products/services?

q-leap offers assistance, advice, and trainings to ensure the quality assurance in your products.

As testing experts, we offer services in the form of:

Consultancy: for all activities and types of tests, at all levels and test platforms. Our testing services are designed to secure your applications and provide you and your customers with the best user experience.

Training: We offer a range of training courses aimed at educating best practices in software quality. We are convinced that with the right skills acquired through training, you will be able to develop your skills and those of your testing teams. Through our trainings, we provide concrete and rewarding expertise to master processes and tools, from needs management to production startup. Inter- or intra-company sessions, in Luxembourg and the Greater Region!

Focus on a product: Our Devices Lab. Your application may cause you to lose customers because it does not work on some devices, operating system versions or web browsers. With our Device-as-a-Service solution, our customers can rent a wide range of mobile phones and tablets to perform their tests. Rent, test and return instead of borrowing or buying the devices! We offer more than 100 models of mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) covering operating systems (iOS, Android, Windows Phone) and major manufacturers (Apple, Google, Samsung, Sony, Wiko, Lenovo, Huawei,…).

“Testing is a crucial link in software engineering without which no software can be brought to market.”

You are organizing the Luxembourg Software Testing Event. What is it and what do you expect from it?

This event aims to become the largest gathering of testers and quality assurance professionals in Luxembourg and the Greater Region! It is a space for exchange, learning and networking for all those interested in the subject.

Each year, about four speakers present their approach in testing. With these experts, the public can benefit from real feedback and advice. The event aims to be as interactive as possible.
This is its fifth edition and with every year, we are receiving more interest. With an average of about a hundred participants each year, the LSTE is today a privileged place for the networking of major players and experts in this market.

This Thursday, October 10, 2019, the topics will focus on test automation, security testing, and the importance of testing in digital transformation.

Why is software testing important and what are its benefits to companies?

One of the most important aspects of software development is testing. Its aim is to ensure optimal quality both from a technical and functional point of view. Testing is a crucial link in software engineering without which no software can be brought to market.

Although digital technology enables a wider reach, bugs can become a real threat to the durability of brands. One of the major fears project managers have is the fear of a series of bugs on the finished product. Failing to carry out a phase of extensive testing and analysis can harm your service or product and have significant effects on revenue. Testing your product – at the time of launch and during its evolutionary phases is crucial for companies relying on digital technology.

“The role of quality assurance (QA) and testing has changed from bug detection to customer satisfaction and revenue.”

What are the main trends in Software Testing one should look for?
  • Continuous Testing (for DevOps)
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • IoT
  • Blockchain
  • Mastery of data and test environments
  • Increased interest in testing in the automotive sector due to the sector’s shift towards mobility services

The role of quality assurance (QA) and testing has changed from bug detection to customer satisfaction and revenue. This is particularly visible in IT development projects where end-user satisfaction is the most important objective.

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