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Sport50: Manage Your Sport Organization Easily

Sport50 pursues the vision of fully automating sports organizations such as teams, leagues, and federations. We met Gilles Mangen, CEO of Sport50.
(Featured Image: Tim Wiltgen, COO, and Gilles Mangen, CEO of Sport50 / Image Credit © Silicon Luxembourg / Kaori Anne Jolliffe)
A simple tool to assist amateur sports organizations

Sport50’s journey started with the discovery of a major problem faced by amateur sports teams: the lack of resources required for operational tasks. “Amateur sports is led by volunteers and limited staff inducing which leads to a lack of time and resources required to properly manage the organization on a daily basis. Our goal is to grow organized sports by unburdening the people behind it.” explained the CEO. In September 2014, Gilles Mangen and his co founder decided to create a web platform with different tools that would manage the daily tasks of such organizations.

In Luxembourg, only, 200 clubs use the Sport50 web platform on a monthly basis. The company is, however, gaining traction in neighboring countries. “Any kind of sports club uses our platform. From football teams with millions to small fringe sport organizations!” mentioned Gilles.

“After a first seed investment round in 2016 of 600,000 euros, the startup just closed a second seed investment round for further growth and development.”

A new virtual assistant

A year and a half ago, the startup realized that their proposal was not sufficient to help these organizations. “Initially, we were offering different tools to manage an organization but in reality, the more tools volunteers had at their disposal, the more time they needed to manage it. Hence we were back at square one!” said the CEO.

Introducing Tom! A new virtual assistant – running on AI & Automation – to whom the sport clubs’ staff can easily delegate work. “It is really simple: human volunteers take decisions; the virtual assistant does the rest” described Gilles.

Through this virtual assistant, the startup introduced fully automated communication, marketing, finance, and CRM to sports organizations. The virtual assistant identifies problems, suggests solutions, and executes tasks related to those areas, while the human volunteer simply takes an informed decision. “Managing an organization is no longer about micromanagement and execution, but about solid decision-making. That is how we see the future of organization management. Over 50 tasks today can already be automated.” told us Gilles.

“Our objective for next year is to do a larger Series A round to further push our growth.”

A successful new investment round

After a first seed investment round in 2016 of 600K euros, the startup just closed a second seed round. “With this new round, we intend to expand to other countries, targeting Germany first, followed by France and Belgium. For the past few years, we focused on product development and have grown organically in the commercial side. Now we will focus on the latter as it is, key to our growth.” said the CEO.

The team is now currently composed of 6 employees in Luxembourg and aims to grow to 11 by the end of Q3 2019. The startup is also hiring for its French and German offices.

“Our objective for next year is to do a larger series A round to further push our growth” concluded Gilles.

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