Sportsbar Platform Golazone Launches

Golazone co-founders Nicolas Sully (left) and Daniel Brunner (© Marion Dessard).

With major sports events such as Euro 2024 and the 2024 Olympic Games approaching, Golazone is making its debut on the Luxembourgish scene. The platform allows users to locate the bars and restaurants showing their favourite sports events.

Golazone positions itself as the only service of its kind in Luxembourg, providing sports enthusiasts with a convenient solution to find venues showing their favourite sports events live. This free platform not only aims to address a practical need but also aims to fulfil people’s desire to socialise with larger groups.

“Bars but also restaurants and pubs are places of sharing and conviviality. Golazone aims to offer venues increased visibility for their sports programming while allowing sports fans to come together.”

Nicolas Sully, co-founder of Golazone.

For Nicolas Sully & Daniel Brunner, the founders, this platform was born out of the need to find sports programming in bars and to give more visibility to the venues showing these sports events.

“Golazone is free for both venues and visitors. No hidden fees, no additional costs. The user experience is smooth and intuitive. The first version allows you to search for your sports event via a calendar system or by venue,” comments Daniel Brunner.

“We designed the platform to meet the needs of sports enthusiasts and Horesca establishments. We invite venues to make themselves known to offer them optimal exposure for their upcoming sports showings,” adds Nicolas Sully.

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