Startup Kliber Successfully Raised Funds

Luxembourg startup Kliber convinced RTL Lëtzebuerg and other investors of its new recruitment approach and successfully raised additional funds. The mobile recruitment application that connects recruiter and job candidates through video is now available worldwide in the App Store. The team expects to develop a new version of the application as well as an Android version to expand into international markets.

Launched in 2015, Kliber is a mobile recruitment application that connects recruiters and job candidates through video. Through this application, recruiters can present four questions to the candidate, who then can respond with a 20-second video per question. Companies can publish employment offers by creating an account on Kliber. For job seekers, the mobile application is available for free in the App Store.

“This new funding was essential for Kliber. The investment will enable us to continue to develop the application and our services in order to better serve the needs of our users,” said Nathalie Dondelinger, Co-founder of Kliber. Specifically, the funding will be used to finance a new version of the application with new functionality, and also for the development of an Android version in order to be present on today’s most utilized mobile platforms. In the future, Kliber will also offer the ability for users to connect to their LinkedIn accounts and attach to their profiles a comprehensive CV. “In order to better respond to the needs of our users, we are also increasing our team to six employees by the end of March,” added Dondelinger.

This important development would not have been possible without the support and confidence of the investors who share Kliber’s vision, and who are convinced that recruitment should become more efficient in the interest of candidates and companies alike.

Alain Berwick, CEO of RTL Lëtzebuerg, said: “Video and mobile is what interests us in this application. Kliber has been a partner with RTL Jobdag since 2015, and through these events, we have noticed a great interest from companies and candidates in this innovative solution. The ways of communicating and assimilating information have changed with the arrival of online social media, and video and images have become even more important than short messages. Kliber has integrated all of these elements into the recruitment process. In addition, as an important employer in Luxembourg, we are proud to support a local startup with potential to expand further. For us, entrepreneurship in Luxembourg is close to our heart.”

The shared vision of Kliber’s founders and investors is not limited to revolutionizing recruitment in Luxembourg; they also foresee an expansion of this application internationally. “For several weeks now, the Kliber application has been available worldwide in the App Store, which constitutes a first step towards a more international market. In the mid-term, we are also planning to more actively promote Kliber in other international markets,” concluded Dondelinger.

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  1. Congratulations to Kliber! Great to see when Luxembourg startups become an international success.

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