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Startup Stories #01 – The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

At Silicon Luxembourg, our goal is to keep innovating, so we decided to launch a series of events like none we’ve ever done before. Indeed, it’s time for the truth.

Silicon Luxembourg wants to give you the complete picture of what it’s like to launch & run a startup. The life of a startup is hardly a walk in the park. We know it was not an easy decision for entrepreneurs to close their companies & then talk publicly about the “end.” How would people react? What would they, the entrepreneurs, do after? Jump back into entrepreneurship? Take a step back and join another company? Tough decisions & headaches, but also growth & life lessons. Three entrepreneurs – Mathilde Argaud (Largowind), Felix Hemmerling (Univize) and Gosia Kramer (The Office) – have kindly agreed to share their stories with you & detail their adventures. They all have the same passion: entrepreneurship. They all decided to turn their ideas into startups. They all experienced the end of those particular journeys, albeit due to three different reasons. On January 16th, 100 people attended the first edition of the Silicon Luxembourg Startup Stories that took place at The Office City with the kind support of the House of Entrepreneurship.

(Featured Image: Gosia Kramer (The Office), Charles-Louis Machuron (Silicon Luxembourg), Mathilde Argaud (ex-Largowind), Felix Hemmerling (ex-Univize), Emilie Pirlot (House of Entrepreneurship) and Guylaine Bouquet-Hanus (House of Entrepreneurship) / Image Credit © Silicon Luxembourg / Serge Deuces)

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