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State Of Mind: The Story Of Xavier Bettel Told Via An Immersive Audio Experience

State of Mind tells the intimate stories of highly accomplished individuals from all walks of life. Listen now to the latest episode of the innovative podcast series, in which Luxembourg’s Prime Minister is the protagonist.
by: Torge Schwandt
photo: Invisible Media
featured: Xavier Bettel

Having become widely popular in recent years, podcasts are a great way to learn about interesting topics, get new sparks of inspiration, and challenge one’s own thoughts – even more so during difficult times like the public health crisis we are currently facing.

To provide you with inspiring content during the ongoing state of emergency caused by the novel corona virus (COVID-19), Silicon Luxembourg has partnered with Berlin-based Invisible Media to regularly feature their new immersive podcast series State of Mind.

More than traditional interviews

With many shows out there focused on startups and venture capital, podcasts are an incredibly useful medium to gain knowledge, especially for founders and startup employees. But learning from traditional interviews with entrepreneurs or VCs is not the only way to get helpful input for one’s own challenging journey of building a company. Podcasts can be so much more than just people talking, and getting insights from the world’s best in other fields can also bring you that one piece of advice or motivational push that you needed most.

This is what State of Mind is all about: An original series by Invisible Media that was produced in collaboration with Blinkist, it is a new podcast experience that portrays the world’s best. The guests, often labeled as outliers, share their personal stories, inspirations and unique mindsets that influenced them on their journey. The series reimagines podcasting as an immersive audio experience with cinematic elements, aiming to have listeners dive deep into the presented stories and to inspire them to take action and pursue their own goal – no matter what these are.

State of Mind is hosted by Niklas Jansen who is co-founder of Blinkist, one of Germany’s most promising tech startups that offers key takeaways from nonfiction books in text and audio within its highly popular app.

The first season of State of Mind includes renowned guests such as Ryan Holiday (New York Times best-selling author), João de Macedo (big wave surfing legend), and Stefi Cohen (world record holder in powerlifting).

Leading through empathy

In the latest episode of State of Mind, you can discover the personal story of Luxembourg’s Prime Minister Xavier Bettel. You will find out why he became a politician, what his personal drive to serving his country is, and why his way of collaborative leadership is a strength in a world that is quickly changing.

By shining a light on Mr. Bettel’s background and analyzing his modern style of leadership with the help of some experts, listeners will learn how they can put their ego to the side and focus on their team and the tasks at hand to serve a greater good than personal legacy.

You can listen to the episode with the embedded player at the beginning of the article or here.

Stay tuned for the coverage on all State of Mind episodes in the coming weeks. The podcast series is available on all major podcasting platforms like Spotify, Apple Podcasts or Castbox – and also within the Blinkist app.

On a side note: The team at Invisible Media also helped to produce Silicon Luxembourg’s first original short podcast seriesVoice Message From…”. The media startup creates different audio shows for curious and active people that are constantly on the go. One of them is Startup Notes, which provides plenty of unique insights by entrepreneurs and venture capital investors from Europe. So if you are hungry for knowledge, make sure to check out these two podcast series too.

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