SYBX Launches New Supplier Risk Management Tool

Dennis Rossbach, Founder & CEO of SYBX Group (Photo © SYBX Group)

Their new tailor-made web application Supplier Sentinel automates suppliers’ onboarding process and facilitates regulatory compliance.

Founded in 2019, the Luxembourg-based SYBX Group is active in consulting and technology development in procurement and supply chain management. 

With digitalisation in full swing, it was the right time to develop a solution tailored to the needs of SMEs and suppliers. By leveraging automation technologies, AI and machine learning, Supplier Sentinel aims to facilitate the implementation of supplier risk management policies for businesses.

Furthermore, it automates the entire supplier evaluation and onboarding process all while ensuring compliance with the new ‘Supply Chain Act’, regardless of the number of suppliers a company works with.

“Supplier Sentinel allows you to onboard your suppliers with just a few steps. They can easily enter the required information, use the provided drop-down menus and upload mandatory documents into the system”, explains Dennis Roßbach, which can be done within 60 seconds.

Easy Does It

Promising “an unmatched seamless user experience”, Supplier Sentinel is does not require any new installation of software. Indeed, it can be accessed from any PC, laptop or mobile device.

On top of being scalable and adaptable to process large chunks of information, the solution’s advanced automation and AI technology also helps save time by automating many manual processes.

Part of the Microsoft Founders Hub, the SYBX Group is committed to delivering technology-driven solutions with access to the securest and fastest network of server locations.

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