Syslor, “The Google Maps Of Underground Networks” Has Been Selected For The French Tech Rise

Syslor specializes in the augmented reality representation of underground networks (Photo © Syslor)

The PropTech in Luxembourg and France specializes in the representation of underground networks through AR technology. It hopes that its participation in the French Tech Rise will help put it on the map and raise funds to develop internationally.

Syslor, a PropTech based in Metz and in Luxembourg, at the Technoport in Belval, specializes in the augmented reality representation of underground networks, particularly water and energy networks.

Their solution enables the site manager to film and map the pipes and cables laid underground during earthworks, using a smartphone and a GNSS antenna.

Before breaking ground at construction sites, the solution pinpoints the location of pipes and cables buried in the ground as well as their attributes. Furthermore, it allows the visualization of the network plans and the entire project in augmented reality – accurate to the centimeter.

Google Maps Of The Underground

Finally, the solution also supports the creation of an underground digital twin of as well as any other structure (e.g., a bridge). Thus, there is no need to dig: the solution reduces the cost of earthworks and the risk of accidents or cable breakage by an excavator.

For existing networks, the solution also makes it possible to update and improve the reliability of the information base which can sometimes be several decades old.

“We want to become the Google Map of underground networks, through a digital representation of the non-visible underground, especially energy and water networks, which represent 5 to 10 times more kilometers than road networks,” explains Edouard Semin, the CEO of the startup.

The startup works mainly with public works companies, such as Tralux in Luxembourg, and energy network managers.

“The event will allow us to make ourselves known and to raise funds to develop internationally,”

Edouard Semin

The French Tech Rise

Its solution is also suitable for cities: “We are able to map their underground networks, and visualize their underground in augmented reality,” Semin adds.

Founded in 2017, the startup came to Luxembourg in 2019 as a Fit 4 Start winner. With about 20 employees, the startup was recently selected as one of the 5 startups from the Grand Est region that will participate in the national event French Tech Rise.

This event aims to promote the dynamism of territorial ecosystems by bringing together 82 startups from all regions of France and overseas with major venture capital funds present in Paris.

“The event will allow us to make ourselves known and to raise funds to develop internationally,” explains Syslor’s CEO.

In addition to France and Luxembourg, the startup is already present in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Spain. It intends to position itself on the German, Swiss, Belgian and New Zealand markets, before entering the North American and Middle Eastern markets.

In October 2020, Syslor announced a fundraising of 1 million euros from Eurovia Innovation Venture, an investment structure of Eurovia, a subsidiary of the Vinci group specialized in transport and urban development infrastructure works, among other things.

Other shareholders include Fayat Acceleration Startups (part of the Fayat group), the ILP group, Bpifrance and other public partners.

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