Talkwalker Acquires Reviewbox And Expands Its Reach

Talkwalker, the leading consumer intelligence platform, acquires Reviewbox to improve their clients’ relationships with their customers and help them drive revenue.

Image Credits: Thom Holmes / Unsplash

In the era of cancel culture and tiktok fame, understanding what consumers think of your product and brand has never been more important. Fortunately, companies such as Talkwalker, a global leader in consumer intelligence, are experts at harnessing the power of AI and Big Data to analyse and decrypt consumer behaviour.

Having worked with global brands such as Spotify, Adidas and Yves Rocher, Talkwalker is no stranger to big names. However, to continue improving their services, Talkwalker recently acquired the all-in-one review management platform Reviewbox.

“Reviews give you an understanding of just what your customers think of your products, whether that’s good or bad. This integration gives you a real-time view of this data, enabling you to react, and also helping you shape your products for the future. This continues the growth of our customer intelligence capabilities, to offer brands further insights into all aspects of the customer buying journey,” says Tod Nielsen, CEO of Talkwalker.

“Our integration into Talkwalker completes this puzzle, enabling our clients to turn insights into real-time actions.”

Reactions drive revenue

As a global brand today, selling a quality service or product is no longer sufficient to stay relevant. Interacting with consumers and responding to trends has become just as important.

A vital piece of this process lies in timely and appropriate responses to customer feedback. By acquiring Reviewbox, Talkwalker integrates product data and reviews from sites such as Amazon, eBay and Walmart, thus giving their customers an improved understanding of how their customers feel about their products.

“Talkwalker and Reviewbox are a perfect fit,” said Reviewbox CEO James Horey, who will join Talkwalker to continue developing reviews as a prominent channel. “Over the past 5 years, Reviewbox’s unified analytics platform has supplied customers with top-of-the-line industry review data, providing an essential part of the customer intelligence puzzle. Our integration into Talkwalker completes this puzzle, enabling our clients to turn insights into real-time actions.”

By uniting award-winning technology with industry-leading customer support, Talkwalker helps companies connect the dots between what customers think, say and do. This helps companies get a fuller picture of what drives their customers, better react to their input and increase revenue and retention.

According to CEO Tod Nieslen, remaining the number one consumer intelligence platform is an important goal for Talkwalker. With their acquisition of Reviewbox, they have put themselves in a good position to stay at the top of their game – at least for a while.

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