Tech To Transform The Workplace

Keep your employees happy with these tech innovations spotted at VivaTech 2022 (Photo © Silicon Luxembourg)

Keeping the workforce engaged and motivated is one of the biggest challenges facing employers today. These tech innovations on show at VivaTech 2022 could help.

KOH Teampod: Greater connection in meetings

Many employees reluctantly accept video calls as the price to pay for remote working. But it is widely believed that they fail to create that sense of connection you’d find when meeting IRL. This is the challenge the team at Swiss startup Studio Koh seeks to tackle with its Teampod. Shaped like a lamp, the telepresence device replaces the traditional flat laptop interface for video calls. It is equipped with four cameras, four speakers and provides 360° viewing for meetings of between four to ten people. “You place the Teampod in the centre of the table for the in-person meeting and those at home can see everything that happens,” explained Samia Drira of Studio Koh. Koh is manufacturing 50 of the devices for beta testing in 2022. Based on customer feedback, it plans to go to market in early 2023. 

Lumm: Putting the skills to work for the mental well-being of workers

This digital platform was designed to help employees and companies better handle their mental health. Since the pandemic, employers are increasingly seeing the benefits of investing in tools to support staff wellbeing. This French startup offers a guided support programme that is based on tested and verified protocols.

Gamino: Disability awareness the fun way

This French startup has created a digital platform that raises awareness of disability in a fun way. Combing innovation, team building and serious games, the firm has a series of activities which raise awareness about disability through resemblence. 

Bloomin: Employee feedback made easier

Honest employee feedback is essential for employers to have a chance at improving the workplace expierence. This startup has built a multimedia platform to make the collection of feedback easier, helping managers and HR directors understand what motivates their employees. In addition to motivation, other use cases include employee onboarding/offboarding, training, remote working and employee development.

Pentaform: eco-friendly laptops 

Most of us are doing our bit for the planet: switching off the lights at night and refusing plastic straws. But what if we could go further and make the tools of our trade more sustainable? This premise is the DNA of Pentaform computers, whose AbacusBasic portable keyboard is made from recycled plastics, are 22 times smaller than standard ATX keyboards and consume less electricity. In terms of annual electricity consumption, they are comparable to a lightbulb (31kWh).

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