Technology Partner – An Ethical Approach To IT Projects

Technology Partner CTO Julien Gras and COO Brice Bortolet (Photo © Stephanie Jabardo / Silicon Luxembourg)

The company values its expertise in custom IT development, through a one-stop-shop positioning rare in Luxembourg, a professional approach beneficial for the company, its customers and its teams.

Luxembourg startup specialised in project development, consulting and business process automation, Technology Partner was born in 2018.

In March 2019, it began its application development activities with a small team of consultants for small companies. Today, its clients are large financial and industrial groups, state and public organisations, particularly active in the health and IT sectors, but also SMEs and startups.

Innovative application development

Very quickly, the two founders Julien Gras (CTO) and Brice Bortolet (COO) questioned their business model and the usefulness of their activity.

According to them, the notion of consultancy in Luxembourg is far too focused on the recruitment and placement of IT developers, and not on a real value-added IT service.

“Today, IT consultancy is not IT expertise in itself; it is above all concealed temporary work,” says Brice. “On the market, you will never find interim developers. They all have the title of ‘consultants’.”

The two founders reviewed their business strategy and decided to pivot: “Thanks to the know-how developed internally, we wanted to bring real added value to our customers by carrying out their entire IT project for them, not at their premises, but in our premises,” says Julien.

A winning strategy, which enhances the expertise of Technology Partner, especially as a certified company on Microsoft technologies, being Silver Partner and Cloud Solution Provider, while offering its customers innovative and customised tech solutions.

An approach that is also beneficial for its teams: “Working on the entire project, rather than just consulting on one part of the project, gives more meaning to the employee. The employee is no longer a simple resource or an operator placed with the client for a month or a few weeks,” says Julien.

Today, the Pontpierre-based company has about 20 passionate employees, all of whom are IT experts in several technological fields and information management services.

Winner of the first GovTech Lab with a robot blocking solution for Luxembourg administrations, Technology Partner is also a LuxInnovation partner in the Fit 4 Digital program.

In addition to project development and consulting, Technology Partner is also involved in business process automation, via Robotic Process Automation.

“We support our customers in their process on redundant manual tasks, such as accounting entry, tasks which do not need human intelligence because these jobs can be easily performed by robots,” says Brice. “Ninety-five percent of these types of projects are based on process automation.”

Determined to offer a 360° vision on the whole project life cycle, Technology Partner positions itself as a one-stop-shop.

Technology Partner’s office

Professionalism, meaning and values

“Leading a project means taking risks: risks of deviation from the scope and budget,” notes Julien. “To mitigate these risks, we focus on our core businesses. For other activities – design creation, RGPD compliance, IT security management, test penetration, etc. – we put our customers in touch with our partners, trusted experts who have a better grasp of these businesses.”

“The general idea is to offer a complete service to people who do not have the technical skills. Thanks to our partners, we are able to manage the project from A to Z and deliver it turnkey to the customer” adds Brice.

Technology Partner has a professional ethic for projects and services: “We are one of the few companies in Luxembourg to carry out complex custom development, where others find it easier to recruit and place,” says Julien. “We therefore bring added value to our employees, who feel valued within the organisation, and to our clients, who are in return our best ambassadors.”

The company also promotes values that the two founders share with their teams: “Passion, efficiency and continuous learning are the watchwords for all of us,” says Brice. “Quality, innovation and transparency are also part of our daily life. We are a company where life is good, with a good atmosphere and a staff that comes to work with a smile.”

In 2022, Technology Partner intends to increase its staff and develop its commercial activity and client portfolio in Luxembourg and internationally.

“The market for the development of complex IT projects is experiencing a strong demand from very small companies but also from large groups,” summarises Julien. “We want to support them in their business challenges through an approach to IT services that is professional and meaningful, both for the client and for our employees.”

Editor’s note: This article is brought to you by Technology Partner and reflects only the opinion of the author.

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