Technoport Welcomes Five New Companies

The Board of Directors of Technoport officially welcomed five new companies into the incubator. The total number of officially accepted companies rises to 123. Today, the incubator hosts 34 companies in its different facilities. We’re pleased to introduce to you the incubator’s newest entrants.
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APS S.A. (Activation Power System) is a fintech company developing a security technology for credit and debit cards. It will develop, manufacture and sell these new kinds of secured cards to issuing institutions in the EU, United States and China. The company will also further develop their business thanks to R&D activities based out of Luxembourg.

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BS-Innoclean S.A. (Business Solutions for Innovative Cleaning) is a company offering expertise in the fields of innovative cleaning and scouring. It analyzes, defines, develops and installs the most appropriate solutions based on three different technologies: laser, atmospheric plasma and cryogeny (dry ice blasting).

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European Mechanical Engineering (EME) Sàrl is an industrial engineering company developing innovative conveyors. In 2017, EME will start the production and assembly of a new range of conveyors aimed to better serve different industrial segments by adding specific functions.


RTC4Water Sàrl provides real-time control of water treatment through artificial intelligence software. The company creates value for organizations that manage water and sewer networks. Its software helps to explain the water pricing systems set by associations as well as the relationship between municipalities and those associations. It is also used to perform mathematical optimization online and help make the systems more resilient to maintenance and equipment failure, as well as to temporary restrictions of flow.

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Sustain Water Sàrl is active in the field of environmental technologies and, more specifically, in water treatment solutions and products. The founding team has over 50 years of cumulative experience in this field.

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