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TEDxLuxembourgCity 2019: Explore, Explain, Excite

TEDxLuxembourgCity’s organizers have confirmed June 15th 2019 as the date for the regionally hosted version of the popular TED conference. This independently produced event, operated under license from TED, will be held at the fabulous Philharmonie concert hall, in Luxembourg City.
(Featured Image: TEDxLuxembourgCity’s speakers in 2018 / Image Credit © TEDxLuxembourgCity)

Following the huge success of last year’s event where we sold out in just 6 minutes, with the amazing partner team of Neumunster Abbey, led by Ainhoa Achutegui, our organising team set out to seek another incredible landmark in Luxembourg to accommodate the massive number of TEDx fans. The Philharmonie, erected 15 years ago, can accommodate up to 1200 people.

The conference will feature some of the region’s leading thinkers, innovators, disrupters, artists and entertainers; representing diverse fields such as the circular economy, leadership, martial arts, last-mile transport and living art, amongst many other themes. With a view to supporting the wonderfully international nature of our city, the event will be held in English.

“We noticed that our attendees had a lot in common and really enjoyed getting to know each other at our 2018 event” says Dirk Daenen, curator of TEDxLuxembourgCity. “This year, we will also make sure that there is a good opportunity to network, before and during the event. We are currently talking to a venue for a pre-event networking meet-up – a couple of days before”.

“While we are confident our chosen speakers will be incredible, we are always on the lookout for that next ‘great’ idea and the ‘great’ person to present it”

Dirk stresses that if you are early in buying your ticket, you will be invited to the networking event. “Ticket sales are already going incredibly well. Tickets went on sale just before Easter and in one week over 500 tickets were sold, without any advertising or media attention”.

“We wanted to make sure that the fans that didn’t get tickets last year would get them this year” says Cândida Nedog, co-organiser of the event. “We started a newsletter especially for those hardcore fans and released the ticket sales to them shortly before anyone else”.

Tickets are now available to the general public. You can link through to the ticket sales from the tedxluxembourgcity.org website.

Speaker applications have been received over the last two months and are currently being vetted. “While we are confident our chosen speakers will be incredible, we are always on the lookout for that next ‘great’ idea and the ‘great’ person to present it” says Larissa Best, co-organiser. If you believe Luxembourg City would like to hear you, let the team knows at TEDxLuxCity@gmail.com.

Speakers from 2019’s event

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