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TEE Network, the new social media networking platform

Interview with Lee Provost, CEO of startup TEE Network, a personal and professional social media networking platform where people can keep up with their family and their colleagues in one convenient place. Launched a few weeks ago, the website made a good buzz with a viral video that raised over 410.000 views on YouTube. Learn more about what is TEE Network about and the needs that the startup expects to respond to.

You just launched a new social network, what is TEE Network about?

Currently there are mainly professional or private social networks out there. TEE Network‘s intention is to create one convenient place where you could stay in contact with your colleagues, professional contacts and family without them interfering with each other. Additionally we wanted to create a place that will become a lot more than just a social network and a platform to connect with the world but also “A social network made for a complete lifestyle”.

TEE Network is also responding to the demand of Luxembourg having the first social network ever which is also available in Luxembourgish (as well as in English, German and French)!

TEE Network is 100% free to use for an individual or a company.

To what needs do you respond to?

The main priority is security and privacy for networkers. We’ve very stringent security settings. For this very reason, we established the headquarter in Luxembourg. Luxembourg has a well-defined data protection policy that strengthens all aspects of security and privacy. TEE Network provides a platform for social networking but does not “own” the information people add, we believe the ownership is of the networker and should remain as such.

Having TEE Network speak Luxembourgish is of course also a need which we are responding to other than taking the fear of people who are afraid of what will happen to their information.

But TEE Network is also more than just a social networking platform. We offer a job board as well as a project board and include products & services (this will be on both sides; as an individual as well as a company could offer a product & service).

TEE Network‘s goal is to become the social network for a complete lifestyle! We want to keep on improving and adding features to our platform constantly such as for example an App Centre. In addition to being able to post and share content across TEE Network, site users or “networkers” will, in coming weeks, be able to share content on other social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc.

How will you monetize the website?

On the professional network, networkers will be able to upgrade their profiles and we offer a simple and easy to use system which we call TCP (TEE Credits Program). You can purchase Credits (1€=1 Credit) and use them in order to post a job or project; a product or service or in order to promote and do campaigns around your company (advertisement) or any of your services. We also try to stay very easy here and to introduce a product or service to our platform and will cost you only 1 Credit per Year!

You made a good buzz a few days ago with a viral video, what is your advertising strategy?

As we are a social network, we thought that we would need to stand out and do something different than for example a bank. We wanted to raise the awareness that we are here and currently we have over 410.000 views on YouTube, in which is not a bad beginning for a small start-up from Luxembourg!

TEE Network wanted to raise the awareness that protecting your information is the forefront of our platform.

What are your projects for the coming months?

Our intentions are to get as many Luxembourgish companies and people as possible on board and really grow from this location and then further into Europe.

We would just love to see that the Luxembourgish community embrace our platform and invite their friends, family and business partners.

Additionally constant improvement of the current version and many new features will be introduced in the next coming months.

Thank you!

Learn more: https://www.teenetwork.com/

Click here to watch TEE Network’s viral video.