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Telindus is proud to be part of the Cybersecurity Week Luxembourg 2019 and is glad to invites you to it’s Telindus Breakfast#2.
by: Telindus
photo: Danielle MacInnesUnsplash

During this breakfast, you will gain insights on how enterprises currently manage cybersecurity incidents in Luxembourg and abroad, discover what are the major issues and pitfalls to avoid, based on the results of the annual survey conducted by Telindus with the support of SMILE and Cisco.

*Event in French

Check the CWL 2019 website for more information:

Event Program
  • 9.30am: Registration
  • 9.45am: Introduction
  • 9.50am: Cybersecurity report 2019
    • By Cédric Mauny
  • 10.10am: Panel : “How to manage your cybersecurity Incident?”
    • With :
      • Olivier Trientz, Moderator
      • Cédric Mauny
      • Myriam Djerouni, RSSI Luxith G.I.E
      • Paul Rascagneres, Senior Threat Researcher, Cisco/Talos
  • 10.45am – Q&A – Networking

Please click here to register: https://www.telindus.lu/fr/events/telindus-breakfast-2-0

The article is sponsored by Telindus and reflects only the opinion of the author.

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