Telindus: First Google Cloud Partner In Luxembourg

Telindus announced its strategic partnership with Google Cloud to deliver secure business solutions encompassing the full range of infrastructure and platform as a service products of Google Cloud. Those include Big Data platforms, Data Analytics or Machine Learning services, to name a few, which are offered both fully native and in hybrid mode to the Luxembourg market.
by: Silicon Luxembourg
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As first Google Cloud partner in Luxembourg, Telindus will address the digital transformation needs of its customers and power comprehensive, integrated and secured solutions that fits the financial sector as well as the industry and public sectors.

“We are very excited about this partnership with Telindus in Luxembourg. There is a very high growth of Cloud services in the European market and partnerships are a key catalyst of this growth. This partnership will help Google accelerate in an important market as Luxembourg,” says Edward Boute, Head of Google Cloud Belux.

With this partnership, Telindus aims at supporting its customers to build innovative ICT infrastructures, which are capable to efficiently transform customer businesses using on-premise and cloud environments. Google is the perfect match for such hybrid deployments since most of its managed products are also released as open-source projects, e.g. Kubernetes. Google cloud even simplifies further hybrid deployments and their management, based on the April 2019-released hybrid Kubernetes platform called Anthos.

“The partnership is already gaining first momentum using key strength of the Google Cloud. Several projects have been meanwhile successfully delivered on top of Google Cloud.”

In general, Google’s openness allows to control and monitor tightly cloud usage, whilst allowing customers to take leverage of Google’s innovative pace. Google also proposes some interesting tools for big data projects, e.g. BigQuery- as well as the required data processing and analytical tools are exposed to customers to allow them to take leverage of those data storage and processing strengths for their own projects at petabyte-scale…

“We are delighted to make this partnership happen with Google Cloud to accelerate the adoption of its leading technologies at our customers,” says Jacques Ruckert, Chief Solutions & Innovation Officer at Telindus. “The partnership is already gaining first momentum using key strength of the Google Cloud. Several projects have been meanwhile successfully delivered on top of Google Cloud.”

Artificial Intelligence

Google is well known for its capabilities with regard to artificial intelligence. Therefore, a customer decided to improve its customer support using the chatbot capabilities of Google Cloud called Dialogflow. Using such technology on its webpage will reduce the amount of service requests to be handled manually at the helpdesk and decrease response time to the customer

Software Development in the cloud (CI/CD pipelines)

Telindus is running multiple software development projects using Google Cloud for itself or for its customer projects. Telindus’ flagship fintech application called DigitalKYC is one example of those. For such purposes Google Cloud allows to efficiently manage the end-2-end software development lifecycles, such as software build, release and versioning with strong integration and container based hosting on top of Kubernetes.

Big Data

First Big Data projects have been implemented on top of Google Cloud using their data ingest, transformation pipelines and dataware housing solutions, which are capable to gain real-time insights into petabyte-scale datasets using machine learning, artificial intelligence and analytics on them.

The article is sponsored by Telindus and reflects only the opinion of the author.

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