10 Tech Entrepreneurs Selected For The Creative Young Entrepreneur Luxembourg Competition 2021

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Showcasing newcomers and aspiring entrepreneurs matters. That’s why the Junior Chamber International (JCI) has selected the 10 most promising young entrepreneurs of Luxembourg to compete in its 15th Creative Young Entrepreneur Luxembourg (CYEL) competition. The award ceremony and Gala will be held on 1 December 2021.

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Having a good idea is easy, executing it well is hard. It takes dedication, great skill and good leadership. And even that is not always enough. Indeed, many great start-ups lack the right exposure to take their business to the next level.

The CYEL competition wants to help young entrepreneurs aged 18-40 by giving their startups the exposure they deserve. Giving visibility to exciting projects and innovative new ideas is paramount to nurturing a thriving ecosystem.

Having to select for 30 applicants across all sectors – hamburgers, cloud-based solutions, web platforms, shoes, and many other – was a difficult task. But with the help of a University of Luxembourg partnership and a great panel, the JCI has managed to get the list down to ten.

On the 12 November, the selected entrepreneurs will pitch before a jury of 10 professionals. The three selected finalists will be awarded at a ceremony at the Chamber of Commerce on December 1srt 2021.

The selected participants of this year’s CYEL competition:

CheckQ → Kim Bliksas

A virtual queuing solution to join a queue or book in advance from your smartphone for any business. Winner of the Startup Vs Covid 19 contest

emma → Dmitry Panenkov

Emma is a multicloud management platform as a no-code application that helps to deploy and host seamlessly any infrastructure on any cloud.

Giftable → Michel Hoffmann

A mobile platform providing online gifts and real life experience.

Kidola → Jonathan Kindermans

Kidola is an app designed for the childcare sector, allowing educators to quickly report on daily activities and events, which are then shared with the parents.

Magrid → Tahereh Pazouki

Magrid is a visual based pedagogical programme, 100% scientifically tested, to improve early childhood development in math, visual space, cognitive abilities

Letz Green Renewables → Sasan Rafii

Planning and mounting of solar systems coupled with battery storage systems and EV chargers; enabling customers to maximize their self-consumption

Our Choice → Filip Westerlund

“World’s first circular sneakers” to a global audience online. The sneakers are all made from natural and certified raw materials

RoomMate → Mattia Raffaelli

Online platform for landlords, automatizing main of the time-consuming processes, like tenant onboarding, rent collection and bank reconciliation, maintenance management and portfolio reporting

Softbrik → Romit Choudhury

Softbrik is a Voice to Insights platform with a mission to humanize customer experience for businesses and institutions with voice messages in an increasingly digital world

Supermiro → Elfy Pins

Existing since over 6 years, it has become the reference media for going out in Luxembourg and the Greater Region; but during the covid Supermiro had to reinvent its business model providing a new solution for their clients.

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