10 Tech Meetup Groups To Check Out In Luxembourg

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Are you new in Luxembourg? Do you have a niche interest that you want to explore with likeminded individuals? We have compiled a list of the best Meetup groups that will allow you to connect with new people about the things that get you going the most.

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Founded in 2002, Meetup is a service that allows people to create and join online groups which host in-person and virtual events. In a way, Meetup was a precursor to social media because it allowed strangers with similar interests to connect. The only difference being that Meetup had a strong in-person focus to it.

While other social media took over Meetup a long time ago, Meetup remains a popular destination for people wanting to connect with likeminded individuals. In a country as small as Luxembourg, meetup is especially interesting because the density of people with similar interests is smaller than in larger countries.

If you are new in Luxembourg or are simply looking to branch out of your regular social circles, you might find one of the following Meetup groups interesting.

Luxembourg Startup Founder 101

Startup Founder 101 brings together aspiring and experienced tech entrepreneurs to discuss, meet, and collaborate on building great new startups as well as pushing the local startup ecosystem forward.

The group hosts numerous free events throughout the year where you can learn the best practices of starting a company from people who have been there and done that. You’ll also have the opportunity to meet local founders and investors, exchange ideas with experts and get feedback on your ideas.

Find out more → meetup.com/Luxembourg-Startup-Founder-101/

AWS User Group Luxembourg

Welcome to the brand new Luxembourg AWS usergroup. This group aims at organizing meetups and encouraging discussions between AWS users or people looking for Cloud Plaform and Services. The group discusses both technical and strategic aspects of AWS. Real world use cases will also be presented.

Find out more → meetup.com/AWSLuxGroup/

They are a global movement of lawyers, policymakers, designers, technologists, and academics who explore and develop creative solutions to some of the most pressing issues at the intersection of law and technology.

Their mission consists in spotting issues and opportunities where technology can improve and inform the practice of law and where law, legal practice and policy can adapt to rapidly changing technology.

Find out more → meetup.com/Luxembourg-Legal-Hackers/

REconomy Co-Creators – Eco-Entrepreneurs Community

Launching a business requires courage, motivation, solutions and energy. This community aims to support your eco-entrepreneurship with new perspectives and social contacts.

Find out more → meetup.com/co-creators-community/

Test my App – Europe

If you’re working on an app and would like some feedback, join Test My App. They will provide some food for thought free of charge.

Recruiting those first users when you’re in the beta stage can be tough, especially when you are on a shoe string budget. Test My App simplifies this process.

Find out more → meetup.com/Test-my-app-Luxembourg/

DevOps Café Luxembourg

This is a group for anyone interested in DevOps. Managers, Developers and SysOps. Everyone is welcome to their monthly DevOps Café, to meet new friends and talk about DevOps around a beverage. This meet-up will happen every second Tuesday of the month at the independent café (second floor).

Find out more → meetup.com/DevOps-Cafe-Luxembourg/

LëtzBlock – Luxembourg Blockchain & DLT Association asbl

Learn, share and discuss all things blockchain, DLT, distributed ecosystems, smart contracts, token economics – and much more.

Find out more → meetup.com/LetzBlock-Luxembourg-Blockchain-DLT/

Digital Catalysts for Transformation Luxembourg

This group is for all professionals who are interested in Digital Transformations: Agility, Management, Product Management, Devops, Lean.

All levels and professions are welcome (IT, Marketing, HR, Operations, …). I set up this group to share the experiences of professionals in Luxembourg around the transformation.

Find out more → meetup.com/digital-catalysts-for-transformation-luxembourg/

Software Craftsmanship Luxembourg

We want to build a community of passionate software people, a place where we gather to share our skills, insights, tips and latest technologies.

Find out more → meetup.com/software-craft-luxembourg/

Luxembourg Product Manager Meetup

This Meetup is for any Project Manger, Product Owner of Program Manager wanting to riff on their jobs, get some advice or simply have some friendly conversation.

Find out more → meetup.com/Luxembourg-Product-Manager-Meetup/

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