That was a good idea. Now write it down!

We all have ideas. But we rarely set it down on paper or formalize it. Patrik Österblad, an experienced manager will be our guest during the next Silicon Café and deliver a workshop about how to generate ideas and turn it into business. A coaching session that might help the budding and confirmed entrepreneurs!

That was a good idea. Now write it down!”. What a curious topic! What is the purpose of it?

Ask anyone about when and where they get their ideas and 99% will say “Not in the office anyway”. Bedrooms, bathrooms, buses and bars is where most ideas pops up. So don’t risk waking up in the morning and not remembering your idea. Write it down before you go to sleep or you have that last beer!

What’s The Pitch Factory and how did you come up with this idea?

We’re always pitching whether it’s for new clients, a new relationship, to promote our ideas, get funding or just to make others aware that we exist.

The Pitch Factory was born out of my experience and conviction about the necessity for people to change their mindset about change and leadership. We all need to look outside the famous box, give up on egos and include people in the business to be able to generate solutions and to be competitive. Who put us in a box anyway?

How entrepreneurs – or people who expect to launch their company – may manage their ideas in an efficient way?

As Simon Sinek says, “People will not buy WHAT you do, they buy WHY you do it”. I believe many entrepreneurs are quite focused on WHAT they are creating and HOW it will work. Most entrepreneurs have a very strong desire, to change or improve, coming from their hearts. Let that be reflected when you present your ideas. Show WHY?

Is there a recipe to generate ideas and increase creativity?

If I tell you now people will not show up! ☺ I can say this much; it’s in general about finding inspiration outside your field of expertise.

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