The EcoTech Hub In Dudelange

Luxembourg is home to scores of incubators, accelerators and workspaces supporting budding startups. This week, Silicon Luxembourg sheds light on the Dudelange Innovation Hub.

Where is your incubator located?

We are located in the former administrative headquarters of ArcelorMittal, in Dudelange at number 100 Route de Volmerange.

What’s your elevator pitch?

Dudelange Innovation Hub was created four years ago in 2018 by three partners: The City of Dudelange, Technoport and Luxinnovation. Our mission is to help young startups to develop and grow in the best conditions. The concept is to provide them with relevant support and they can also benefit from the partners’ networks to develop business opportunities.

What kind of startups is your incubator/accelerator aimed at? 

The Innovation Hub specialises in hosting young companies active in the field of ecotechnology i.e., technologies that contribute to improving respect for the environment. This theme was not chosen at random. The incubator serves as a precursor for Neischmelz, the eco-neighbourhood, which will be located just a few metres away. This CO2-neutral community should be completed in the next ten years and will include housing, workspaces, shops and meeting places. 

How many startups do you host and what is your maximum capacity?

We currently host 11 startups. The space is now full but some startups may leave soon and therefore free some space. We are also working on an extension of the incubator but it is not yet ready. 

What are the criteria for startups to participate in this incubator/accelerator programme?

The first criterion is “being innovative in the field of cleantech”. Then, in order to have an office in the Innovation Hub, each startup must present its project to the municipal authorities. Once accepted, it can then establish itself there for a period of 5 years. 

What are the benefits for startups that join?

  • being accompanied by experts thanks to the round tables organised at the Hub;
  • being surrounded by startups that are also oriented towards green technologies;
  • exchanging and sharing knowledge with other entrepreneurs in the sector;
  • benefitting from synergies through collaboration;
  • getting access to potential first clients;
  • the incubator is very well equipped and provides a large meeting room, parking spaces and containers to store equipment or raw materials;
  • affordable prices for young startups*;
  • the Innovation hub is a label that gives credit to the startup and their offer.

What would you say is the standout feature of your incubator?

It’s an interesting testbed for startups who may – if it makes sense – also test their solution within the Commune of Dudelange. The current structure is intended to be a pilot project for the future hub to be set up in the new Neischmelz district, the aim of which is to develop a pool of startups whose activities are geared, among other things, towards eco-technologies.

What is coming up next at your incubator?

We are organising an open house on the 23rd of September. You’ll be able to visit and discover startups’ offers.

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