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The Office, New Real Co-Working Place To Open In Luxembourg!

A new coworking place – The Office – is opening this week downtown. The concept was created and developed by a highly motivated and determined young woman, a Polish entrepreneur in Luxembourg. Months of hard work and overcoming numerous obstacles are finally paying off and Mrs Gosia Kramer is launching her project. The courageous and hard working woman is the best inspiration and motivation for LPBC‘s of the already 3rd edition of Entrepreneurial Woman Training participants, who themselves are making first steps on their path of becoming successful business women.

What is “The Office”?

The Office was created by the people that faced the same issues as all start-ups, freelancers and entrepreneurs are facing: expensive rental places in Luxembourg, high starting up costs, limited access to industry events and slight possibilities to grow the network.

The idea behind The Office is to enable people to make more connections, give inspiring space to share ideas and functional facilities to collaborate. That’s why she created an industrial style place, located in the city center, where the celling is 6 meters high, surrounded with 100 years old post-factory windows and hand made bricks to open up horizons and remove borders between people. “We believe that as community we are stronger”, says Mrs Kramer.

“We have coworking area where people can work together to make immediate interaction, several meeting rooms in various sizes and large workshop room, everything designed to create positive energy. But who wants to just work all day long? We thought also of taking a break in our chill-out area, hang on the hammock or doze off on the sofa, listen to the music to clear up your mind. In case of a hunger attack The Café is located under the same roof and serves fresh meal every day. We provide the space so together we can create the community that works.”

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