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The University of Luxembourg: A Breeding Ground For Entrepreneurs

The University of Luxembourg is a breeding ground for entrepreneurs that you should meet! They are all completing the courses of the Master in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Among their skills: marketing and new venture creation, business and project management, innovation and strategic management… and an ability to take risks. As they are still students they are looking for a company that will offer them an internship opportunity for at least three months, starting in March. Get the chance to meet them during a unique matchmaking event on January 15th. We asked Benjamin Ledran, programme manager to tell us more about the MEI and the event.

What is the purpose of the MEI?

The programme is a two-year full-time Master’s degree, which is targeted at:

  1. Bachelor graduates in any discipline from Luxembourg and the Grande Région wishing to develop their entrepreneurial/innovation skills and knowledge;
  2. Graduates from Europe in any discipline looking to undertake a specific masters degree in entrepreneurship/innovation;
  3. Graduates and young professionals from non-Europe, who, in addition to the education and degree offered by the MEI, seek exposure to the infrastructure for entrepreneurship, internships and job opportunities that Luxembourg has to offer;
  4. Professional people or other practitioners who intend to start a business and want to learn the skills involved in this

How many students do you welcome each year and what are their backgrounds?

Among an average of 300 applicants, we select the 30 most promising who have proven the highest motivation. Their backgrounds differ a lot but we’ve had students from areas such as business administration, biotechnology, law, philosophy, hospitality management, naval engineering, communication, literature, economics, digital media, environmental engineering, medical school, philology, linguistics, international relations, architecture, marketing, electronics and journalism, to name a few.

You organize a matchmaking event on January 15th, what do you expect?

Our students are supposed to find a company that will offer them an internship opportunity for at least three months and a maximum of six months, starting in March. It is an important part of their year of studies during which they will work on their final project report, which is preferably linked to their activity with the company. This event is designed to give every company an opportunity to speak to each student through “speed-networking” sessions. It will be followed by a cocktail, where conversations can be less formal.

What do you think about entrepreneurship and innovation in Luxembourg?

Within the twenty-first century, which is characterized by a fast-moving, competitive global economy, innovative ideas do not stay located within one place. Good ideas travel and migrate across societies, economies and cultures. Luxembourg, with its international populace, cultural diversity and strong infrastructure for entrepreneurship and innovation, is well placed in fostering the “travel” of entrepreneurial ideas.

More info about the MEI programme: click here

More info about the event: click here

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