Uber Eats Joins The Food Delivery Race In Luxembourg

Uber Eats is launching in the cantons of Luxembourg and Esch. (© Silicon Luxembourg)

Only a few weeks after the launch of Uber Rides via WebTaxi, Uber Eats launches in Luxembourg, joining the likes of Goosty, Wolt and Wedely. Initially, Uber Eats will only be available in Luxembourg and Esch with close to 200 restaurants and merchants. Rick Janse Kok, head of communications tells us more about Uber Eats’ expansion plans, whether WebTaxi is still involved and how it differs from other food delivery companies.

The Uber Eats app will launch with almost 200 local restaurants and merchants. How many do you hope to have by the end of 2024?

We are excited to launch with nearly 200 local restaurants and merchants, and our goal is to significantly expand this number by the end of 2024. We aim to partner with a wide variety of restaurants and merchants, continually enhancing the variety and options available to users of our app. We are committed to supporting local businesses and helping them reach new customers through our platform.

The app will first only be accessible in the cantons of Luxembourg and Esch. When do you expect to reach the other cantons?

Initially, Uber Eats will be available to over half of the population of Luxembourg, with a strong presence in the cantons of Luxembourg and Esch-sur-Alzette. We are actively working on expanding our services to other cantons as we continue to partner with new restaurant partners and couriers. This expansion will ensure that more residents across Luxembourg can enjoy the convenience of Uber Eats.

Uber Eats is joining Goosty, Wolt & company in the food delivery race in Luxembourg. How will your delivery fees differ from them? In what other ways will the Uber Eats delivery experience differentiate itself from the other market players?

Uber Eats is committed to offering competitive and transparent delivery fees. The price reflects the value provided to Eaters while ensuring fair compensation for couriers. Additionally, our delivery experience is distinguished by several key factors.

  1. Extensive global experience: As a leading global food delivery app, Uber Eats leverages advanced technology and operational expertise to ensure efficient and reliable deliveries.
  2. Wide selection of restaurants: We partner with a diverse range of local restaurants and popular chains, providing a broad spectrum of culinary options.
  3. Superior customer support: Our robust customer support ensures that any issues are promptly addressed, enhancing the overall user experience.
  4. Real-time tracking: Customers can track their orders in real-time through the app, ensuring transparency and reliability.

“Uber Eats will operate differently and independently from Uber Rides. We will collaborate with independent couriers and third parties for delivery operations.”

Rick Janse Kok, head of communications at Uber.

Uber launched in Luxembourg via WebTaxi. How will Uber Eats work? Will it also make us of WebTaxi drivers?

While Uber Rides launched in Luxembourg through a partnership with WEBTAXI, Uber Eats will operate differently and independently from Uber Rides. We will collaborate with independent couriers and third parties for delivery operations. Uber Eats will not use WEBTAXI for delivery.

Will Uber Eats work only via car drivers or also motorbikes, scooters and bikes?

Uber Eats is committed to promoting sustainable and efficient delivery methods. For deliveries, couriers will utilize a variety of delivery vehicles, including bicycles, mopeds and vehicles. This multi-modal approach ensures flexibility and efficiency, allowing couriers to meet the diverse needs of users who order via our app. Additionally, we encourage the use of electric modes of transportation, such as e-bikes.

Uber Comes To Luxembourg In The Passenger Seat Of WEBTAXI

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