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Vibrationmaster Technology Centre s.à r.l.

Date of creation:



c/o Technoport 3A
Rue du Commerce
L-3895 Foetz



Phone number:

+352 24 55 90 68



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Capital Stock:


Funds Raised:





Morten Schiff



Job Offers:

Software Developer

Field of activity:

Research, development, manufacturing and distribution of active vibration cancelling solutions as well as materials vibration testing equipment and electronic control systems.

Elevator Pitch:

We are building a safer world.

At Vibrationmaster, we control and harness vibration. We enable organisations throughout the world to solve problems triggered by vibration and resonance.

Our solutions include electro-mechanical actuators used to reduce and eliminate vibration in a wide range of applications, from wind turbines to automotive, rail, aerospace and many industrial and domestic products. We also provide affordable and easy-to-operate materials vibration test machines that help our customers delivering reliable and safer consumer products. Original equipment manufacturers and engineering firms integrate our adaptable actuators and control systems into their designs.

Our partners enjoy customised technical solutions, products and services. Innovation also reaches into our organisation, as we constantly seek out new ways to make our clients and partners’ life easier.

Together, we can build a safer world. We are the Vibrationmaster.


– Heavy-duty vibration cancelling systems
– Electro-mechanical actuators
– Materials vibration test machines
– Junker test benches
– Vibration Tables
– Machine and motor control systems

Business Model:

Vibrationmaster helps to build a safer world and creates value for customers like Airbus, Caterpillar, SpaceX and Toyota.

We do this with a business model built around a blue ocean strategy leaving Vibrationmaster with little or no competition in the market segments we dominate.

We research, develop, manufacture and distribute unprecedented vibration technology solutions for a previously overlooked and underserved market that appreciates user-friendliness, affordability, simplicity and great product design.

Applying the Lean Start-up approach, our solutions are brought to market as Minimum Viable Products with inbuilt modularity and scalability, allowing us to save resources with the benefit of focusing on creating tangible value and immediate competitive advantages for our customers.


As we grow at a fast pace, Vibrationmaster seeks to optimize the use our core capabilities and to team-up with complementary strategic partners, with the common purpose to fully explore the potential of our vibration cancelling solutions and their applications into automotive OEMs, energy production, as well as aerospace and asteroid mining.

Our materials vibration test machines business is growing fast especially in Japan, China and Taiwan, and it is well-supported by our new rent-to-buy model. The model makes it simple for our customers to decide on, rent and obtain Vibrationmaster machinery while avoiding tedious capital expenditure approval processes.

The hugely positive response to our vision of building a safer world and to our technical solutions prompts us to seek new smart colleagues to join our team in Foetz, Luxembourg and in general to transform Vibrationmaster from a Start-up company into a sustainable market leading made-in-Luxembourg Grow-up organisation.

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