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Virtelio Award 2017, The First Interactive 360° Scriptwriting Competition

realab, mk2, Paris Courts Devant Festival, Film Fund Luxembourg, Julie Gayet and Xavier Bettel, Luxembourg Prime Minister, Minister for Communications and Media and Minister of Culture launched the first Virtelio Award 2017!

Virtelio Award 2017 is the first interactive 360° scriptwriting competition using Virtelio, a new technology developed by Luxembourg startup realab. Virtelio is an award-winning software for Mac & PC that enables anyone to create and experience interactive 360° movies – no coding required! 360° is all about immersion: Virtelio provides filmmakers with a unique, user-friendly and cost-efficient tool to create gaze-based interactive 360° films with multiple storylines based on viewers’ unconscious decisions and behaviour.

The award is open to scriptwriters backed by a producer from all around the world. The Virtelio Award winner will be designated by an international jury and will be announced at the 13th edition of Paris Courts Devant Festival, 14 to 21 November 2017 at mk2 Bibliothèque and BnF. The winning script will be co-produced with a production company from Luxembourg and will be supported by Film Fund Luxembourg with up to €150.000.

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