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VivaTech Day 1: Silicon Luxembourg’s 3 Startups of Interest

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After getting a first look at VivaTech 2018 on the first day, Silicon Luxembourg found three startups of interest in a room full of thousands. Check them out!

Luxembourg’s own Koosmik is working to establish an electronic banking solution in Africa, starting in Togo, where almost 80% of the population does not have a bank account. The Koosmik solution will allow the store and transfer of online money between friends and the ability to purchase in-store. In essence, it’s an online bank account substitution and a money management solution!

Find out more: www.koosmik.com


The French startup proposes to create energy for lighting in Western Africa, currently Senegal, through an efficient solar panel solution, which it sells to distributors first, who then put it in the hands of Senegalese families. The solution should cut down work and bring lighting at an affordable price. Families can pay monthly installments for three years, after which period they own the panel.

Find out more: oniriq.com


Based in the Ivory Coast, this startup offers a product capable of turning organic waste into fertilizer and usable gas. Right from the start, the LONO team set out to solve three problems: sanitation, lack of access to energy, and unsafe cooking (most cooking takes place by burning wood inside a house, which means toxic smoke in the air). The KubeKo product solves all three. Organic waste goes in, solving the sanitation problem. Fertilizer and gas come out, solving the energy and unsafe cooking problem.

Find out more: lonoci.com

(Photo by Silicon Luxembourg)

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