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VivaTech 2018 – Day 3: Silicon Luxembourg’s 3 Startups of Interest

Check out these three startups from the last day of VivaTech 2018. There from different places and have different goals, but are all innovative in some way.
(Photo © Silicon Luxembourg)

This French startup lets consumers test products for free, helps companies gain visibility, and gives Very Good Moment a bigger consumer base. The process is quite simple: companies with consumable products, such as chocolates and bottled water, organize mass shipments of packages that contain gifts and goodies—all specially prepared for a certain event such as the World Cup. These packages go to consumers who subscribe to Very Good Moment. The consumers then post 5 photos on the Very Good Moment website for a vote – the best rated consumers get the best reputation and thus get more free stuff for new events to come!

Find out more: verygoodmoment.com

App Annie, a San Fransisco-based application progress tracker, offers many functions to app builders and marketers. In short, App Annie provides the necessary metrics for the successful development and distribution of an app. These metrics include information about competitors and the market at large, derived from indicators about downloads, revenues, usage, engagement, and publications. It’s a must-have for the developer and marketer alike!

Find out more: appannie.com

Great Britain-based Cleantech, Airex, develops a unique air ventilation solution that promises to save money for homeowners by replacing old external vents with smart Airex vents. The concept is quite straight-forward, and is reminiscent of a similar company, Verv, who won the disruptive startup competition at this year’s Arch Summit. The premise: homeowners struggle with cold droughts and high energy bills. The smart vent will detect when vents should be closed, trapping the desired warm air, while opening up to let in fresh air. It’s smart ventilation of the future!

Find out more: airex.tech

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