VNX Exchange Completes First Issue On Blockchain

The Luxembourg-based startup operated a 1.1 million euro-fund raise in ERC-20 tokens via its platform, on behalf of Streami a South-Korean blockchain group.

Photo: Alexander Tkachenko, CEO and founder of VNX / Credits © VNX

VNX Exchange announced the issue of 1.11 million euro in ERC-20 asset-backed tokens on the Ethereum blockchain via its platform.

The issuer, Streami Inc., is a South-Korean blockchain group which owns GOPAX, a South Korean crypto exchange and DASK, a regulated national crypto depositary service. The issued tokens represent claims on the future cash flow from the investment.

“With the money raised we plan to bolster our product and marketing to become a leading provider of financial market infrastructure for crypto in South Korea,” explained Junhaeng Lee, cofounder and CEO of Streami.

“We are proud to be among the first digital asset investment platforms to launch operations in Europe,” said Alexander Tkachenko, CEO and founder of VNX. “We believe in the future of blockchain based digital assets and are happy to be bringing that future closer”.

Founded in 2018, the Luxembourg-based startup provides asset structuring and tokenization services to issuers as well as investor services including access, purchase and secure storage of digital assets (see our article The venture capital industry is entering a new age).

Launched in end 2019, its platform operates the issue, deployment and maintenance of tokens backed by traditional assets on public blockchains. It also performs integrated digital KYC/AML functionalities including investor remote onboarding in minutes. It supports well different payment methods including cryptocurrencies.

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