Vodafone Procurement Company’s Startup Challenge

On July 6, Vodafone organized its Annual Forum at Technoport. The Vodafone Procurement Company (VPC) has a leading procurement strategy that consolidates all global purchases in one single location, Luxembourg, and buys more than 25 Billion a year from +15,000 suppliers.

The Annual Forum was a unique event that put together the key leaders of supply chain procurement globally and 50 participants coming from Luxembourg and other countries as far as Australia. The profile of the attendees included the management from the Luxembourg team, board level G9 top management, directors for each of the categories (hardware, software, enterprise, commercial, services, and networks) and Ninian Wilson, the Global Supply Chain Director and CEO of Vodafone Procurement Company.

Tomorrow Street‘s team, lead by its CEO and Director, Warrick Cramer, organized a 3 hours Startup Challenge with the aim to create awareness of the difficulties entrepreneurs are facing when launching a company and raising funds. The participants had to define the business components of a given product (commercial value, target market, go to market strategy, financial viability, etc.) with the help of entrepreneurs. The outpout was a pitch deck they had to present in front of VCs and business angels for direct feedback.

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