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The collaborative platform for real-time geolocalization of automobile traffic has come up with with new functionalities.

Waze, the real-time geolocation app for road traffic, has just refreshed its visual identity: with a more colorful logo and shapes, as well as new icons indicating road hazards, all on a squared background.

“We were inspired by the blocks of buildings that criss-cross cities to create a new visual identity called ‘block by block’. Brighter, more vibrant colours have been added to the design to best suit the community,” said Jake Shaw, Head of Creative at Waze.

With this new look, the company, which was acquired by Google seven years ago, wants to stand out visually.

The updated app also includes about 30 new mood features. With these avatars, users will be able to express and share new feelings and states of mind: from the eco-responsible, to the sarcastic, or the car sick person to the robot…

For their designers, these Moods, play an essential role in the use of the platform, allowing drivers to express themselves and communicate their emotions to others.

For their realization, their designers have raised the opinion of some 13,000 driver-users of the app, through questionnaires, meetings and a study.

With these new avatars, Waze intends to strengthen its commitment to a community that the Israeli group estimates at 130 million users worldwide. New emoticons should follow soon.

Developed in 2006 by the Israeli company Waze Mobile, it is downloadable for free on iOS and Android, and is available in 185 countries and 54 languages.

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