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Who Will Be The Tech Talent Of The Year?

The votes to elect the Tech Talent of the Year are open. nexten.io, the startup specialized in the recruitment of technical profiles, created this award to highlight those who have their hands in code and technical infrastructure—the ones who improve our daily lives by make digitalization a reality.
(Featured Image: Eric Busch, Founder & CEO of nexten.io / Image Credit © nexten.io)

“Not only do we connect technological talent with companies, but also aim to continuously engage in the technology community by promoting initiatives such as integrating more women into technology, teaching code to young people, and continuously improving our skill,” says Eric Busch, Founder & CEO of nexten.io.

The Tech Talent Award aims to give visibility to creative and talented people who will make a difference through technology, be it through software, data or algorithms.

The first Tech Talent Award will be presented at the Golden-i Gala organized by ITnation, which will be held on 16 May at PwC Luxembourg.

In the meantime, you can vote for one of the 55 talents selected on www.techireshires.com before Thursday, May 9 at midnight.

The nominees are:

• Bastian Jakobsen (Adapti.me)
• Abed Jishi (Etix Everywhere)
• David De Winter (Ziggu)
• Oleg Strelenko (Apla.io)
• Samuel Beauvois (AssurBox)
• Frédéric Stiernon (CarPay-Diem)
• Benoît Bertholon (CoinPlus)
• Olivier Pierre (Conostix)
• Asaad Moawad (DataThings)
• Nathan Orr (Bradford Space)
• Kolos Kaszaly (Docler Holding)
• Alain Fontaine (Doctena)
• Benjamin Hourte (EarthLab)
• Misch Strotz (Neon Marketing Technology)
• Daniel Navarro (Examotive)
• Georges Berscheid (Finologee)
• Jérôme Pinneau (Finquest)
• Olivier Gérardin (Fundsquare)
• Rob Boerman (Governance.com)
• Manuel Martinez (Ibisa)
• Thomas Aina (Impactify)
• Cristovao Figueiredo (Inui Studio)
• Vivien Genet (Jamendo)
• Ilya Shabanov (Job Today)
• Jakub Jakubiak (Keymitt)
• Talal Mohammad (Koosmik)
• Raffael Mancini (Kussbus)
• Ali Paican (LuxAI)
• Dominique Melen (LuxTrust)
• Marcin Rzeczkowski (MixVoip)
• Vlad Centea (Morfin.io)
• German Castignani (Motion-S)
• Fräntz Miccoli (Nexvia)
• Alex Miller (Paycash)
• Ludovic Dujardin (Petit BamBou)
• Mathias Keune (Zenview)
• Mustafa Senhaji (Rocketmail)
• Tom Michels (Salonkee)
• Walter Lorphelin (Seqvoia)
• Marc Castejon (Silent Breach)
• Dejan Petkow (Sparc Industries)
• Gaëlle Haag (StarTalers)
• Christophe Lutz (Supermiro)
• Genna Elvin (Tadaweb)
• Thibaut Britz (Talkwalker)
• Benjamin Martin (Techcyte)
• François Dabiel (Tokeny)
• Alexander Weber (Travelsify)
• Benjamin Terrier (Vibrationmaster)
• Jérôme Labbe (Virtual Rangers)
• Anouar Adlani (VyzVoice)
• Cédric Bousmanne (Warrigal)
• Frank Faber (Wecemat)
• Alfonso Garcia Frey (Yotako)
• Julien Ganichot (Zap)

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