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Win Your Hotel Nights With Yourfreebooking

Yourfreebooking.com is a hotel booking website which offers a 1 out of 100 chance to win for free the hotel nights you book through its platform. We got the chance to interview Xavier Morin and get more insights about his new startup.
What is Yourfreebooking all about?

What better discount is there than 100%? Worst case scenario you purchase your trip at the best rates available, best case scenario you don’t pay a cent! Yourfreebooking is about getting as many people as possible to experience the wonders of travel, share their amazement and make the experience extra-sweet.

What is your business model?

Through a strategic partnership with one of the major booking platforms we minimize costs which able us to redistribute part of our revenues to our users by refunding their trips. Yourfreebooking is a socially conscious company and wants to give back to the community as much as possible whilst remaining financially viable.

Who are your clients?

Theoretically anybody looking for hotels, and both professional and leisure customers reserve rooms via Yourfreebooking. However, our clients mostly belong to the younger generation as news spreads fast through social media. This also reflects well in the website use which has been predominantly mobile.

As the prospect of winning hotel nights is most enticing to private travellers who directly bear costs, we have seen a majority of interest from this category of user.

Who are your competitors?

Both online travel agencies (OTA) such as booking.com and hotel comparators are direct competitors. We feel, however, that our innovative business model and offering as well as our focus on user and visual experience position us into a new category of travel websites.

What is your strategy?

Our short-term strategy focuses on three countries: the USA, France and Luxembourg. We will expand our marketing campaigns to include other countries in the months to come.

Furthermore, we would like to expand our services to include other travel related products such as air travel and car rentals in the mid-term as well; we also have additional longer-term plans. Our first focus on hotels stemmed from our belief that this is the key product and needed to be done right before expanding to other areas.

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