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Enabling companies and startups to take advantage of the latest advances in artificial intelligence and data analysis through the power of the cloud and helping them manage their data internally is the value proposition of WIZATA. We met Jean-Philippe Hugo, co-founder and CEO of the startup and data analysis enthusiast, to learn more about the ambitions of the company and the role of artificial intelligence in business strategy.
(Featured Image: Jean-Philippe Hugo, CEO of WIZATA / Image Credit: Anna Katina)
“Our goal is to share the latest advances in data science and artificial intelligence and utilize them to advance the digital transformation and innovation of companies.”
The Power of Machine Learning

WIZATA harnesses the power of machine learning with algorithms that learn continuously to improve accuracy and rapidly develop new solutions. This method is at the forefront of artificial intelligence based on the data of companies, possibly enriched, to make predictions and improve decision-making in all sectors.

For this purpose, the company has developed a complementary set of skills including visualization with Power Bi and in commercial ERP and CRM tools, real-time data flow analysis, artificial intelligence cognitive analysis, Big Data and project management in the world of connected objects. The startup works directly and in synergy with the teams of its customers in order to understand and respond to their specific problems. The strength of the company is also largely based on combining the agility of an SME and the support of several key players in new technologies in artificial intelligence, IoT and cloud computing.

“Giving meaning to data makes it possible to discover solutions, unresolved problems and untapped opportunities.”
Extract all Possible Information from the Data

The startup thus proposes to present to its customers their data summarized by a powerful reporting and business intelligence tool. WIZATA supports clients in various fields such as Industry 4.0 where the impact of technology is directly measurable and allows the companies to solve problems such as reducing energy consumption, reducing costs or predicting maintenance. Those who speak about data must also speak about security and privacy.“We make it a point of honor to respect the confidentiality of our customers and already apply the European regulations of 2018. Talking about what we are doing is indeed one of our biggest challenges because our customers wish to their current and future developments secret,” says Hugo.

“We have entered the data age, where every company can now exploit the concrete innovations of the science of data.”

The startup currently has nine employees and can count on the support of the NEREA group – the startup was first a spin-off of the group before becoming an independent company in 2014 – and its technical partner Microsoft. At the heart of its business are their data scientists, who are extremely rare and precious profiles on the market. With a presence in the Luxembourg and Belgian markets, the startup aims to expand beyond these borders and already has several customers in Europe and across the Atlantic. The needs of their clients are universal: reduction of costs, consumption, wear and tear, optimization of processes, analysis of production lines, interpretation of images and languages, detection of fraud and behavioral studies. Not so artificial issues!

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