#WomenFounders: In Conversation With Gosia Kramer

Gosia Kramer, founder and CEO of The Office, the new coworking place located downtown Luxembourg, delivered a great speech during the first edition of the Women Founders conference and is sharing a few more pieces of advice in this interview.
“It was the first time when I heard business owners sharing so openly. It made me believe one must be indeed a female CEO to be able to say ‘it wasn’t easy’. At the same time the doze of positive energy that came from this event was a true encouragement for a hundred of women that are just about to become entrepreneurs. I think it was important event for Luxembourg and would love to see more.” – Gosia Kramer
What The Office is about?

In the simple meaning The Office is a coworking place. To elaborate, The Office becomes a platform which encourages and brings to the market a new wave of entrepreneurship. We promote the concept of tribe coworking focused on cultivating a strong sense of community spirit, connection, collaboration between sectors and talents you would not necessarily expect to find under the same roof.

This creates a valuable counterbalance to Luxembourg’s very FinTech-focused landscape.

What is your day-to-day?

It’s a constant roller coaster. I run the company that creates the ecosystem for status while being a startup itself. Everyone who took the steps into entrepreneurship knows what it means – nobody will do your tasks for you. I’m also a mother of two. At the end of the day I always try to be there to sing a lullaby for my children and kiss them goodnight.

What does it take to be a women entrepreneur?

It obviously takes some effort and I seriously wonder how ever male part of population achieved any results in this field! Speaking from my experience, it’s true, you have to overcome some barriers. After a while however, once you’ve taken a true leadership on your company, it doesn’t matter any longer. You become the business owner – and this goes above the gender.

What are your pieces of advice to women/girls who would like to turn their idea into a business?

Believe in your idea. If you don’t believe in it – nobody will. Stay smart, don’t act upon emotions, always sleep over proposals or deals.

Internet nowadays is full of successful stories about people giving up their jobs and starting up a multi-million businesses. This is not what the real entrepreneurship is about. First, you have to do your homework: prepare the business plan, build your emergency savings, eventually find right people to partner up with. The phase when you bring your idea through administration steps and then first months of operation, might be the most difficult experience ever had. In this moment you also will find supplies of energy that will keep you going. Use this wind to do not give up. I find women empowerment a very important factor of my journey so far. Thus, my advice would also be: try to find a business women mentor for yourself.

3 words to describe your journey so far?

Make it happen.

(Image Credit: Marion Dessard)

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