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#WomenFounders: In Conversation With eLfy Pins

eLfy Pins, founder and CEO of Supermiro, an online event discovery platform that finds all the events going on around you in real time, delivered a great speech during the first edition of the Women Founders conference and is sharing a few more pieces of advice in this interview.
(Featured Image: eLfy Pins, founder and CEO of Supermiro, during the Women Founders conference / Image Credit: Marion Dessard)
What is Supermiro ?

Supermiro is the easy way to find go-out opportunities nearby. How many times do you tell yourself “I’d love to go out and do something cool nearby but I don’t really know what to do…”? Eighty percent of the people in the age group 20-49 are looking for go-out opportunities online at least once a week, but 70% of them give up or just go to usual places after an unsuccessful search on the internet, finding today’s solutions “messy and boring”.

Supermiro is the one-stop destination to find things to do nearby, using a subtle mix of technology and design to make event discovery simple and fun to take care of your free time.

What is your day-to-day?

As a CEO, my role is to have the vision for Supermiro, to recruit talents to execute our vision and to ensure that we have money on the bank account. ☺

My day to day is a good mix of variety and challenges… But the main challenge in a startup is to stay focus on the objectives to achieve our goals and continue to grow (product, markets, numbers) ; while keeping our main role : “make people smile everyday”.

What does it take to be a women entrepreneur?

Does the question is What does it take to be a Woman? Or to be an Entrepreneur? ☺

Being an Entrepreneur and building a startup is a combination of different things : First, get out of your comfort zone. Then, let others know about your idea and concept. Build the right team to build a great project. Then it can start to be a company and maybe one day a successful company. It’s rarely a matter of one woman or one man alone. But a combination of talents to get to the point.

And I think that I already partly answered to the next question…

What are your pieces of advice to women/girls who would like to turn their idea into a business?

Of course it starts with an idea. Think about it. A lot and a lot again. Challenge it. The idea, but also everything around it. Each part of it. Then it’s all about taking risk ; the risk to go and change your life to become an Entrepreneur.

From years I create concepts & designs to turn projects into super attractive and profitable projects. People love Concepts; not just a good service or a good product, they want an amazing experience! The experience you will create is all about your project but is also clearly about you. As already discussed during this evening, You and Your Business will become one and only ONE.

Then, find talents to complement your skills range and support you in the difficult moments. (and there will be some!)

I would add one more thing: don’t be afraid of questioning!! The road will not be straight. You will have to iterate, draw conclusion, change direction, “pivot” (you will hear a lot in the startup world…) and kiss goodbye on things you had in mind…

But in the end, it is the same story in the entire life. With children, for example, you have to put your principles aside to grow with them and according to them. And your own business will definitely be a kind of a child! 😉

(Image Credit: Marion Dessard)

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