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#WomenFounders: In Conversation With Marie Guerre

Marie Guerre, Founder and Managing Partner of The Car’tell, a private members club for car lovers, delivered a great speech during the first edition of the Women Founders conference and is sharing a few more pieces of advice in this interview.
(Featured Image: Marie Guerre, The Car’tell, during the Women Founders conference / Image Credit: Marion Dessard)
What is your startup/organisation about?

My partner and I created a private members club for car lovers. The club is about sharing experiences and creating memories. The club is the owner of the cars, and our members get to drive the cars in exchange of points. The points are associated to an annual membership. The club, is not only about cars, we organize wine tasting, art exhibitions, networking events among other activities. It is truly an epicurean club.

“To me an entrepreneur has no gender. It is a person who is convinced that he/she can give to the world something that they need.” – Marie Guerre
What is your day-to-day?

My day-to-day consists of organising the future events, cleaning the cars, checking the cars before they leave with a member, paying the invoices, and last but not least taking care of my members when they are in the clubhouse.

What does it take to be a women entrepreneur?

To me an entrepreneur has no gender. It is a person who is convinced that he/she can give to the world something that they need. The pros are that all successes are yours, but on the other side all errors and mistakes are also yours. An entrepreneur should be able to balance all the emotions that one can have in a day in a minute.

What are your pieces of advice to women/girls who would like to turn their idea into a business?

Ideas are important, but the execution is what will make your idea a success or a failure. Your business will become you and you will become the business. You have to know that a founder will have to take decisions every minutes. If taking decisions in not your cup of tea, you may want to wait to create your business.

3 words to describe your journey so far?

Fulfilled, happy, stressed!

(Image Credit: Marion Dessard)

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