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wondermags, the Amazon for Content

wondermags.com is a self-publishing platform for digital magazines. Sascha Brandhorst, co-founder and CEO of wondermags.com, shared his story with us and discussed his collaboration with InnoHub Luxembourg.
What is your company about?

wondermags is the only web platform that maps an all in one ecosystem: creation, distribution and monetization. The platform enables anyone to earn money by employing their knowledge, talents and stories, and we provide an intuitive web-editor, which allows for the creation of interactive, extremely cool-looking eMagazines. These eMagazines can be published in our kiosk and the developed content can be monetized through advertising and sales.

Our goal is to become the Amazon for content – an infinitely large marketplace for content of all kind, of which the quality is ensured by the community.

You initially wanted to start the company in Germany. Why did you decide to come to Luxembourg?

Initially we wanted to establish wondermags in Berlin, but the funding conditions were not attractive. We were looking for hands-on solutions that would allow wondermags to remain in its first mover position. Through InnoHub Luxembourg, we heard that Luxembourg has good governmental funding programs for innovative startups. In April 2013, we were convinced to move to Luxembourg and we founded wondermags Luxembourg. InnoHub Luxembourg has put us in contact with Luxinnovation, and has enabled us to get funded. Everything here went quickly and smooth. I guess that this is the big advantage of Luxembourg. The Luxembourgish government is really doing a good job providing help and funding for startups. Luxinnovation has also been a key partner, and we are still in regular contact with them.

As you have already collaborated with the soft landing platform and accelerator InnoHub Luxembourg, could you share your experience?

Acceleration – that’s what they are really good at. From the beginning, they have provided us with the relevant contacts in the areas of funding, marketing and banking. They opened doors to decision makers and it was really impressive how professional and fast these guys work. Additionally, they are a great business and creative sparring partner. Currently, we are working together with InnoHub to conceptualize a publishing solution for the B2B market.

What is your advice for other entrepreneurs who intend to accelerate their businesses?

My advice for aspiring entrepreneurs would be:

1. Find the right people you want to work with. The team is paramount. It is not just skills you are looking for; there must be chemistry. The team and partners have to share your passion for the startup and its products. This also applies to your in-house team, to accelerators and investors. If your vision and purpose is clear, and if everyone commits to it, you can truly boost your business and make it a success.

2. Be brave and be ready to work hard. There will always be the possibility that your startup won’t make it. So ask yourself: How bad do you really want it? What are you willing to sacrifice to make your startup a success? Commit yourself. Giving up is not an option. Move with your team in one direction: forward. The acceleration will happen automatically.

A final sentiment you’d like to share with Luxembourg?

I truly believe that real innovation and disruption doesn’t need to always come from Silicon Valley. It can emerge from beautiful Luxembourg and together we can make Luxembourg a worldwide powerhouse.

Editor’s note: This is sponsored news, which means it has been written by one of our partners, which in this case is InnoHub Luxembourg. If you would like to learn more about advertorial posts on Silicon Luxembourg, contact us to learn more about our partnership opportunities.
(InnoHub Luxembourg’s 1st Anniversary on June 14, 2017 / Image Credit: Pierre Levy)

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